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  1. Lawschoolinterest

    Are there too many law school graduates/students?

    Which thread?
  2. I'm wondering if anybody knows if Canada has or is going to have an excess lawyer problem where there are too many law school graduates and not enough articling jobs/permanent lawyer jobs? I've read that the U.S has this kind of problem and I'm wondering if any of you might be able to shed some light whether or not this is a problem that is already happening, or will happen eventually (5-10 years) or just not true. I especially posted this because of Ryerson's letter of intent of having a law program which would mean even more graduates/students.
  3. Lawschoolinterest

    Does anyone regret going to law school?

    It depends what change you are referring to. Are you referring to "changing" the world through the political scene in Canada? Because you don't need a law degree to run for office.
  4. Lawschoolinterest

    Does anyone regret going to law school?

    If I may ask, which schools in the US would you have applied to? Were they T14?
  5. There's an old thread with this question, felt like it was more appropriate to start it up again. Question is as stated above. Please feel free to PM if you would like to share your concerns.