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  1. Is law school super hard? is their cliques? do professors actually care lol
  2. It’s based on a holistic approach
  3. You have a very high shot - what is your L2?
  4. I would recommend writing in November ! It is hard to make a 20+ jump like that in only two months
  5. Hi guys, I am looking for a tutor in the Vancouver area. If you know of someone who is awesome and can help me lol - please message me!
  6. Hi guys, I spoke to Leanne and she told me this, even on the last day of applications they had over 200 applications. This year has been competitive she said applications doubled this year for TRU. She said last year I would have gotten in and my LSAT scores were in the 140's and how it is impossible this year. She said for next cycle I need to aim for 155+ Maybe next cycle will be less lol - fingers crossed!!
  7. I am so sorry about all of this guys. I have been rejected as well (was expecting it) but Leanne said this year it was extremely competitive - the most it has ever been! She told me with my stats, I would surprisingly would have got in last year. This year over 3200 people applied - so people feel great that you were on a waitlist. I have a great L2 but my LSAT's were horrible and she said in order to be considered I need a 155+. It is starting to get more competitive so just put in the work for the LSAT. For someone who has had better experiences with the LSAT - I am not giving up, if you trouble with anxiety - apply for accommodations which I what I have done. They are changing the policy for rewrites - so take advantage of that and rewrite before it is restricted. WORK HARD TO INCREASE YOUR LSAT!!!
  8. Called, she said 60 people for special considerations are still for review !!!
  9. For those who were accepted, when is your deadline to accept?
  10. I wouldn't say that - some people are under special considerations and have not been evaluated. what are your stats
  11. 3.83, 145 LSAT (I know I won’t get in this because of this), special considerations, ALOT of work experience and volunteer - research on sexual violence on campus, hotline crisis etc
  12. Hi guys, i called and I applied Nov 1st and they are doing the 2nd reading of mine. When do u think I’ll find out
  13. Hey guys, anyone that applied with special considerations have you been contacted
  14. They rejected my friend whos L2: 4.1 LSAT 140 on March 15
  15. Looking for a LSAT tutor in Vancouver Thanks
  16. Hi guys, Just spoke to Leanne on the phone. Currently, they are still reviewing applicants who applied in December. I applied in January and she said I would have an update by mid or end of April. This year she said they had a lot of applications in comparison to previous years and how it has been very crazy,
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