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  1. For those who were accepted, when is your deadline to accept?
  2. I wouldn't say that - some people are under special considerations and have not been evaluated. what are your stats
  3. 3.83, 145 LSAT (I know I won’t get in this because of this), special considerations, ALOT of work experience and volunteer - research on sexual violence on campus, hotline crisis etc
  4. Hi guys, i called and I applied Nov 1st and they are doing the 2nd reading of mine. When do u think I’ll find out
  5. Hey guys, anyone that applied with special considerations have you been contacted
  6. They rejected my friend whos L2: 4.1 LSAT 140 on March 15
  7. Looking for a LSAT tutor in Vancouver Thanks
  8. Hi guys, Just spoke to Leanne on the phone. Currently, they are still reviewing applicants who applied in December. I applied in January and she said I would have an update by mid or end of April. This year she said they had a lot of applications in comparison to previous years and how it has been very crazy,
  9. I am shocked that I have not been rejected yet especially with my really low LSAT score.
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