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  1. Hi everyone, Although school is online completely - I have decided to still move to Kamloops to have no distractions etc. Is anyone else planning to move or is moving as well? For those who have lived there - any tips? Thanks,
  2. Only the people who got accepted, got the email to join.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/groups/944034509370963?view=info
  4. My only concern is if they open for the winter - it’s going to be soooo hard to move. The coquihalla is so bad to drive in especially during that time lol!
  5. They should create a Facebook page for us - it would be nice to discuss with everyone in our law class. It would be nice to know where people are located so we could plan meetings, study sessions etc
  6. Same. I do not know what to do at all. I’m so confused.
  7. Hey, I am sure most of us received the email today. The fall semester is going online completely - no lectures in person, no events in person. How do you guys feel? Are you still moving to Kamloops? Etc?
  8. Is there a Facebook group yet for incoming students lol
  9. Hey guys, TRU announced some news about the fall term. https://www.tru.ca/covid-19/updates.html ”Now, in response to current provincial guidance, we are planning to move forward responsibly with face-to-face course delivery where possible—especially for courses where experiential learning is required—understanding that these classes will look and feel different due to mandatory physical distancing and group size controls. For many programs, alternate delivery will continue this fall. “ I am not sure what that means for us law students but I do not really know what to do... if I should be looking for a place etc
  10. Is this an assumption or an actual fact? Wish they will deliver face to face. Online first year will be hard lol!
  11. May 9th is the deadline to accept and May 30th is the deadline to pay your deposit. So technically, I would say May 30th because some people may accept but are still waiting for a different school. I have accepted and paid.
  12. Thoughts? I’m trying to look into places to live and figure life out but idk what to expect
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