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  1. Lol I directly asked for my application status.. ahaha
  2. I think I need to get off lawstudents and stop coming on this website.. it literally just makes you more upset.. 😂checking this site 15x a day is not helping my case lol
  3. It wasn’t a number, I just emailed them. They respond pretty fast.
  4. Hi guys, Title says it all. I have applied to 4 schools and have not heard from a single one and they have given out acceptances is anyone else experiencing this?
  5. She told previously like a few days ago before this that my file was waiting to be reviewed by the last person.
  6. They are as well but they still look heavily at peoples GPAS and LSAT while looking at other factors. Wouldn’t let anyone in with a 145 .. lol I thought the same about Ryerson, easy to get into etc .. guess I was wrong as well. Most people who got accepted have LSAT scores in the low 150’s while TRU is mostly in the mid 150s.
  7. Ryerson is very very holistic - as you can probably tell from the acceptance rates. They are a very social justice school and that’s all that we know.
  8. Lmfao !! You will get accepted, stay positive.
  9. That’s not true. I am from BC, I have a few friends who go to TRU and they did not have firm offers their first year. So that’s not a legit statement lol because it’s not guaranteed either. I have spoke to the advisor from UVIC who said the drop out rates during 2nd year do happen.
  10. Personally working in a law firm in BC, many articling students/ lawyers transferred their second year back into their province. For example, Alberta to Uvic, Manitoba to UBC, etc Why spend 20K, when you can spend 12K, work your ass of your first year and get good grades and transfer into the area where you want to practice.
  11. Same! I feel like some people will accept and then just transfer the 2nd year to a more well known school.
  12. I guess so. People have till April 1st to accept the school they are choosing.
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