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  1. Just got rejection email. at least wait is over. Congratulations to everyone that was successful!
  2. from other threads it looks like there are no more index offers to go out, and the last deadline to accept offers was March 2, so maybe they are tied up sorting out the wait list and dealing with our offers? I really hope it's today!!!!
  3. is it possible that offers have gone out, just to people NOT on the message board? or do you guys feel confident they haven't gone out at all yet?
  4. And are we assuming offers are coming exclusively from her?
  5. I am losing track of how many email services I have unsubscribed from in the last 36 hours for giving me false hope.
  6. yeah I think the prof was Labman looking at the faculty website. I was so nervous I didn't really commit names/occupations to memory.
  7. was one of the women Dr. Labman?
  8. I think they might have switched seats between interviews! in my interview the students sat across from each other. this is going to sound like the set up for a logic game: starting at my right, Dr. Khoday, female student, Judge, Dr. Irvine, man from the Bar Association (?), male student, woman from can't remember where, Dr. Ireland.
  9. Do you think the student members of the panel are watching us freak out on here right now/trying to see if they can match our usernames to our real names?
  10. I wonder if her being out of office til Wednesday means no offers will go out til then?
  11. Its possible the weather has kept some people out of the office today, perhaps tomorrow is more realistic.