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  1. Hi, I just have a couple of general questions, and I've been scouring different forums and calling in to admissions offices, but I'd just like to get some insight from students that have already been accepted. Any help would be extremely appreciated. 1. I am aware that UofT uses your B3 in determining your GPA. Has anyone been accepted with mediocre first year marks, and good grades in their other three years? 2. I'm a bit confused in terms of the timeline. If one was to finish their undergrad in April 2020, then they'd have to apply by November 1st of 2020 for admission in September 2020. How does this work though? Does the admission committee see your fourth year marks in time? Or do you apply in the November after you finish your undergrad? Also, if that's the case, what have you done during that year off? 3. Any study suggestions for the LSAT? I've done a couple months of self study by doing practice tests. 4. Does UofT law have a preference for UofT undergrads (especially those graduating from Trinity college) or is this just a myth? I asked the lady in admissions today and she said no, and rattled off a bunch of statistics for me... however I've heard different from other classmates. 5. What have you seen the LSAT scores/GPA scores of your classmates to be? Is everyone at UofT law carrying along with them an exceptional profile (ex. 3.7+ all 4 years, 165+ LSAT score), or are they quite a few that don't necessarily fit that profile? 6. With a low first year GPA, but 3.7+ in the remaining 3 years, plus a 165 LSAT score competitive, or is that almost certainly being thrown into the reject pile? 7. Do you think getting into law school is getting less competitive? A saw an article where I read that there was a decline in law school applicants. I apologize in advance as I know there are countless amounts of "what are my chances" or similar questions asked before, but I'd really appreciate any current advice. Thank you!
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