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  1. Thank you very much! Filled out Part B. First OASIS showed it, 2-3 hours after I received the email.
  2. Got accepted today! cGPA: 3.68 L2: 3.95 LSAT: 158, 161. M.A Degree
  3. Hi, Your situation and stats are very similar to mine. LSAT 161, my cGPA was 3.68, with L2 being 3.95, and worked as a legal secretary as well. and I haven't received a decision from Osgoode or UofT as of yet. WesternU and UOttawa both admitted me in the beginning of January. You definitely already have a decent chance at Osgoode, but if you can bring your GPA to 3.7ish or LSAT to 164 and up, your mind will be a lot more at ease. Hope this helped, Cheers
  4. that is my own understanding (B3= 3.82). However, my Oz status changed to "invited for interview". So we will see how that goes.
  5. I don't know how you are always first to comment on everyone's posts, but hats off to you for it! If my chances are still decent, it means my nerves will continue to be wracking until mid-March probably. and the age thing I have been told by a couple of people that in itself is not an issue, but, by the virtue of being older (26ish) the candidate simply has had more time to do more things, thus enhancing their resume and character.
  6. All of you responding members have been too helpful on this forum, and since we are approaching March and I have been in Queue since November, I need some reality checks. In addition to the factors mentioned in the title, here are the other elements of my application: M.A in Politics of Law Strong Personal Statement and LoRs (1 academic, 1 employer, 1 academic) Above Average Work Experience Filled out Part B (Diversity) Age: 22 (don't know the relevance of it, but apparently its a disadvantage) Thank you for your feedback
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