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  1. Thanks. Yeah, i didn't word my original post very well at all. Thats my bad. Its basically 1 bad semester (2.1) 4 average semesters (3.3) and this semester which, i hope to pick my GPA back up.
  2. Fair. Just seeing if it's even worth the effort to try for Law School. I could stick to my undergrad (Finance, go CFA route etc.) Also, probably should of clarified, the 2.1 is for this semester only, my 2 years before GPA is 3.3
  3. My bad, should of clarified. I wasted alot of peoples time with my poor formatting and leaving out crutial details lol. Apologies.
  4. My first 2 years GPA was a 3.3. I hardly studied and my attendance was at 40-50% per lecture. So with proper attendance, studying and applying myself, i fee 3.5 isn't out of the question despite the course load getting harder (3-4 year courses).
  5. Thanks appreciate you taking the time to comment ! apologize for my poor wording, next time I post i'll make sure to add the relevant details!
  6. Thanks ! Appreciate the response. I will defiantly have to work hard but i think i am up for the challenge.
  7. Truefully, in spirit of “Bluntness” i didn’t apply myself because I lost interst in my undergrad. Law has always been something i was passionate about about, and applied myself in. Truefully, i might not make it in law school, but i believe if i apply myself i would be able to handle it.
  8. Thanks for the comments. Re-reading my post I left alot of info out and it’s quite confusing. I should have stated my GPA for first 2 years is 3.3 and my GPA is 2.1 this year (Last semester) (Due to burnout). This semester isn’t over yet, and i hope to build my GPA up to an acceptable level. Poorly written on my part i should be more clear.
  9. I'll be blunt. My grades are terrible. I have a terrible GPA (2.1). I am in my third year of undergrad (3 semesters left). My questions are 1.what are the odds i get into law school if i do manage to turn it around say (3.5 + GPA) 2. Obviously, my GPA is going to hurt me in applications, so what are some other things (Besides getting a high LSAT) that i can do to help my chances. Thanks.
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