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  1. Hi, I was wondering how do law schools factor in summer classes ? Do the schools not take the courses into account, or do they factor the courses in just like any other class? I have taken some of my prerequisites during the summer and wanted to know if they would count towards my gpa. Thank you, all for your comments.
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    western, university of ottawa, u of t, mcgill those are the main ones i am looking to apply too.
  3. Hi, i was wondering which kind of teacher should i ask to write the reference letter. Should it be a teacher who in his class i had a good grade in or should i ask a teacher who i am more closer with were i also have good grade in. Essentially, i am asking should the letter be more subjective or more objective. Also i have teachers who are lawyers and judges would that help me by asking them for the reference letter or should i just ask a regular prof. Please let me know your answers would really help. Thank you.
  4. Hi, i was wondering what is the best way to study for the Lsat. Is it either taking a course on it or buying the books and self studying? Please let me know your answers would really help.
  5. Hi, i was wondering how personal should i get on my essay. I been having a lot hardship and obstacles due to personal life should i add that in my essay. Or should i focus more on my classes and grades and why i feel i am good applicant. I also worked a lot during my undergrad about 25 hours week due to the circumstances i was in at that moment. Which ultimately effected my grades so what do you think, will this help me or make me a weaker applicant. Please let me know your answers are really appreciated thank you.
  6. Hi, i repeated couple a classes i was wondering how do schools value this do they take the best mark or add both together. Please let me know your answers would help. Thank you
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