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  1. lawstudent20202020

    Automation Questions

    This is exactly my point on AI not being what the media says it is. The chances of lawyers getting replaced in our lifetime is pretty small.
  2. lawstudent20202020

    Automation Questions

    It could very well raise the bar to entry for new grads. What I am hopeful for is that firms start to make better use of students instead of using them as research machines. Right now the summering and articling positions are just used as an extended on the job interview to see if the person will be a worthwhile hire later.
  3. lawstudent20202020

    Automation Questions

    I'm assuming you mean automation through AI, im going to be using the terms interchangeably. I'm going to start my response off by saying AI will drastically change the legal landscape but not soon and probably not in the way a lot of people outside the legal system are hoping. AI isn't nearly as far along as the media wants people to believe, we are still pretty early in humanity's journey with it. It's not capable of much more than the simplest of requests. We don't have self driving cars down yet and that's a pretty simple set of instructions. 1) within the next decade? probably not much beside what has already happened, which is low level research and drafting documents. Companies like Westlaw and Lexus nexus will definitely be using it to refine their search engines and provide a better product. Jobs usually done by support staff, summer students and articling students will be the first to go and might be totally replaced within our lifetime. Boilerplate documents are already drafted up automatically (it's been this way for a long time) and the support staff just fill in the blanks and hand it off to the lawyer. The actual legal work still remains in the hands of the lawyer. 2) 100% automated? if the legal system gets automated you don't really have to worry about employment because at that point almost noone will be working anyways. If AI reachs this stage society will probably have undergone a massive restructuring and there's no real predicting the outcome of that. 3)Career safety? I would say law is going to be more safe but if its not see the answer to question 2. 4) I don't have enough experience to give a any opinion that holds weight so what follows it just pure subjective guessing (even more than the rest of this post), but I think lawyers jobs are more complex than a CPAs and there is a wider application so lawyers will exist in some form longer than CPAs. Final Disclaimer: I'm only a 2L that has spent time in a transactional law firm, so all of my answers are based of that. Other people on this forum will have a better answer for the litigation side of this.
  4. I also would like to know. I don't think I spent more than 8 hours a day doing law school things including lecture. And then one day on the weekend maybe.
  5. lawstudent20202020

    Chances for Fall 2019 [3.8, 158]

    That's right near the bottom of the distribution for UBC with 156 being the lowest they accept, you would need a perfect GPA to counteract that
  6. lawstudent20202020

    Small Office - Client Management, Scheduling Software Advice

    I could be wrong it's been awhile since I read the checklist but does it not state that of you use cloud based services your practice insurance might not cover data breaches?
  7. lawstudent20202020

    Small Office - Client Management, Scheduling Software Advice

    So I was the system admin at a small law firm before I started law school. If you use anything cloud based, check your provinces guidelines on cloud based services. There should be a checklist to go through, but in general the best option is private clouds, the next is clouds that gaurentee Canadian servers and then the worst is internationally hosted clouds. I personally do not have any experience with clio but I have heard good things
  8. lawstudent20202020

    3rd Year Applicant Chances

    Your LSAT isn't amazing, but your GPA is decent. Send an application in but don't hold your breath, I have not met anyone here who does not have their undergrad degree even though the admissions page does say they will look at applications with 90 credits. Honestly I would complete your undergrad. Having a science undergrad can be very attractive to certain law firms, having 3 years of a science degree doesn't mean anything to them. Once you do complete your undergrad if you can maintain that GPA you should be able to get accepted.
  9. lawstudent20202020

    Article: "How To Get Into Law School In Canada"

    "We love to writer about popular destinations around the world"
  10. lawstudent20202020

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    I'm gunna say yes. And I know you are going to say the opposite and there's no changing that. So i guess at this point we both agree to disagree, shake hands and walk away?
  11. lawstudent20202020

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    But we are not talking about the difference between 150 and 180. I will plainly answer your question, yes someone with perfect stats is probably a smarter person/ better student than someone with a 150 and a 3.0. However that is completely irrelevant to the issue as the statistical relevance breaks down as you decrease the difference between the numbers. The point in contention was that TRU produces worse lawyers than UBC or other schools due to lower admission standards and the evidence does not support that. The correlation is not strong enough at to support that at the levels we are looking at between schools.
  12. lawstudent20202020

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    First off, no they do not "average out" that is not how it works. Second we are comparing schools not extremes. If we do take extremes then at .49 you could get away with that, but the difference between law schools is not extreme enough.
  13. lawstudent20202020

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    I'm saying there's too many other factors at play to make that call one way or the other. Also we are talking about the strength of schools and the difference between the two is nearly at that scale.
  14. lawstudent20202020

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    That's what determinative means.the correlation is not strong enough for that to be true.
  15. lawstudent20202020

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    Not a determinative one