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  1. No opinion, I have yet to meet someone in real life that is actually obsessed with admission stats and their correlation to competence.
  2. This Study would suggest otherwise. It indicates that the LSAT is a much weaker indicator than most people assume. On top of the discipline of undergrad factors into it as well as a variety of personal factors. You can't determinative decision whether someone is a competent or incompetent law student based purely on GPA and LSAT. Law school admission standards don't select the best possible candidates, they just provide an efficient way of selecting people that are capable of making it through the program.
  3. TRU's faculty of law just got the go ahead from University Admin to switch to pass fail. We are just waiting on the faculty to officially make their decision, but all signs are pointing to mandatory pass fail grading.
  4. If you want to work in BC go to TRU. Not that you can't get a job in BC going to Manitoba, but it's going to be a lot easier at TRU. It sounds like you really don't want to be working in Manitoba. But definitely plan for that tuition. Odds are you will come out of TRU with roughly 100k in debt, which translates to roughly $1000/month between government and private loans once you have to start repaying everything in 2 years.
  5. They kinda do though. Every discipline is going to help you improve your writing in general, and legal writing is a different animal from any undergraduate type of writing. Everyone is more or less on equal footing in 1L in terms of how their undergrad helped them. It really depends more in the individual than what they got their undergrad in. And don't discount the science majors at writing, they do a substantial amount of it in undergrad, and it's much more in-depth than most people assume. And yes I will go out there and say that a chemistry major is equally prepared for legal writing as a philosophy Major, just differently.
  6. definitely thought you said you were in a BA, but turns out that's just the quote system doing something weird. Also US law school is a different experience from Canadian law school, so keep that in mind when applying someones experience from the University of Chicago to Canadian Law Students. But regardless, this is still completely wrong. Plenty of other disciplines foster analytical writing, including economics and even the hard sciences. Every undergrad helps students prepare in some way, that's why it's required you get some level of undergrad before starting law school. No undergrad really gives you an edge though. My undergrad was in chemistry, I was told both that law school would be easy to learn for me, and I would struggle with legal writing because people think writing isn't taught in a science degree. Neither turned out to be true.
  7. what law students are in second year BA classes?
  8. To be completely blunt, the only people that I personally have heard holding negative opinions of TRU are people who's opinions don't matter. Most commonly it's prospective law students. The worst reaction I had in my job search was cold calling a sole practitioner who thought that TRU was Trinity.
  9. TRU cancelled classes for a week to move everything online. We still have yet to be updated on what will be happening with exams but we know that exams won't be in person. Still no official word on how classes will be delivered, some profs are suggesting recording and posting videos, one prof said he started a discord server for the class, another has suggested live streaming the
  10. On a slightly resulted note, I wonder if pltc will get cancelled in BC or maybe finally go online.
  11. Haven't started thinking about exams yet, so same as normal.
  12. It was definitely a small minority of people, and after first semester it more or less went away. First round of exams are the great equalizer for egos.
  13. Do you. There's going to be people that are constantly talking about how much time they spend in the library doing work. It's going to make you feel like any time spent doing something other than law school is putting you further behind. Don't buy into any of that, do what works for you. If you are a student that benefits from that kind of studying, do it, if not don't, and don't worry about it. Everyone has their own way of learning and you know what works best for you. You have already made it through (or most of the way) one degree. Law school is still just school. Mental health is more important than marks. Make time to do things other than law school. If that means not doing some of the readings that's not the end of the world. Enjoy it. 1L is the best of times and the worst of times. I have fantastic memories of 1L but I would never do it again.
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