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  1. The people that say that are generally law student hopefuls that have nothing to base that opinion on other than outdated news articles from before there where any TRU grads to judge. TRU students hold their own at all the Moots they participate in, our OCI hiring rates are on par with other law schools across Canada, our articling rates are on par with UBC and UVic. TRU produces capable lawyers just like every other law school in canada. Canada does not have a firm tier structure like the states does for law school and people need to stop trying to make it that way, its not how it works here. TRU has a holistic application process, which means that people with lower stats do have a better chance to get in but those lower stats will need to be countered with some other reason for the person to be admitted, something that proves you are still capable of performing at the level of the people with stronger stats. So while yes the school is more accessible to people with lower stats you really need to bring some else to the table if you want in. There is one major issue with TRU and that is the lack of notable alumni, which is due to the lack of graduates that have been in the workforce long enough to become partners at major firms. Also the tuition is high, I could do without that.
  2. BC's land title office uses online registration, we don't live in the dark ages on the west coast.
  3. https://www.cibc.com/en/student/student-lines-of-credit/professional-students.html sounds like he gave you the limit for the Nursing and Engineering version. Scotia generally has the best terms for law students I would give them a shot.
  4. That rep was misinformed on the professional student line of credit. It's fairly common for the bank to sit you down with whoever was around to see you, which results in someone that doesn't know what they are talking about and they try to sell you a normal line of credit. Try again with a different person/ different branch or a different bank. Unless you have serious credit issues you should be offered between 100k-135k professional student line of credit that is specifically for law school. If the interest rate is anything higher than prime + 0 go somewhere else. Really important to stress that its the professional line of credit as many of the general reps at the bank will not know the difference between that and the bank's normal student line of credit. Also, you should be able to get a free bank account and a decent credit card with the fees waived.
  5. TRU, its an optional thing done by one of the profs.
  6. I'm starting to think the hour seminar I had during my first week in 1L on how to dress like a lawyer would be a good thing for more schools to do.
  7. BC is roughly 4k between fees and insurance I believe. Personally, I don't think part-time practice is a feasible thing, at least not for an inexperienced lawyer who hasn't built a reputation. The type of work just does not lend itself to being able to pick and choose your times. I've seen people try it even for transactional work and it doesn't pan out.
  8. that may be but OP specifically said they wanted a career with a high hourly wage. Also just being a lawyer in Ontario runs you over 5k in just Law society fees and the insurance premium. You also need to pay for support staff on top of this unless you want to do everything yourself, which is not an efficient way to work. Someone might not want to do law for money but everyone has bills to pay.
  9. They are also essentially solicitors in BC as well
  10. I left work the weekend before classes started and moved the same weekend. If you want a break before school starts, go for it. If you need more money it's fine to work up until classes start.
  11. In my experience at a small-mid solicitor sized firm (8 lawyers) as a summer student, the lawyers spent a good chunk of the workday either having facetime with clients, on the phone with clients or out with business drivers to get more clients. Just something to consider when you start looking at practice areas.
  12. I didn't realize law school was the hunger games
  13. that is super dependant on the individual.
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