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  1. Yes, assuming that they are actually part of you B2.
  2. Sure, either you have misunderstood what someone has said, or someone is wrong. Perhaps both. I'm going to take a stab at what someone actually meant and that is that you can be admitted to law school after 3 years of undergrad. So if you were to apply this year to start next year, then your 4th year grades wouldn't count, because they wouldn't exist.
  3. there's a tremendous amount of utility in attending any institution that grants Canadian law degrees, considering that it's just about the only way to practice law in this country.
  4. Considering your goal is to work in BC, I think TRU is probably your best option. Your L2 is decent, your LSAT is above average and admissions are holistic.
  5. Those can be a bit of a crapshoot though, there's more needs based students then there are bursaries. Generally the criteria for needs based is have you taken out a loan. Lower tuition is a guaranteed thing.
  6. Law schools generally don't give out large entrance scholarships. If finances are your biggest concern it would be better to pick the school that will be cheapest to go to. UVIC is the cheapest out west last time I checked, but UBC isn't horrendous. The good news is with stats like that you pretty much have your pick of any law school. Also don't worry too much about finances, the major banks all offer lines of credit with super low interest rates and flexible repayment schedules. The vast majority of law students take out these loans to pay for school.
  7. As a current articled student with previous experience in law firms, you probably do not know what it's like to be a lawyer. I sure don't. Effectively taking on files with low amounts of oversight is not the same thing as being the lawyer responsible for the files.
  8. I'm sure I annoyed a few lawyers with my phone calls but it also resulted in a couple interviews and a job offer. My cold emails were entirely ignored, except for the odd "sorry we aren't hiring." I will add though, none of the phone calls went to large or even medium firms, it was all aimed at firms with a few lawyers and sole practitioners.
  9. For me it did result in a lot of voicemails without a response, but the job I did get was the result of a cold call. It really depends on the lawyer and there's really no way to know what the firm prefers when apply. Job hunting outside the formal recruit is really a crapshoot
  10. Just to add on, if you can get a phone number to a lawyer, call that number. Many firms have an automated directory that can get you to a lawyer.
  11. I think it's a normal part of law school to feel like you have no idea what you are doing at the start. When I first started I would brief each case and then as the prof went through the cases I would modify notes during the lecture as I was often wrong. This worked really well for my classes with more old school profs that had no PowerPoints and would just go over cases and cold call all day. For classes with powerpoints I stopped doing in depth case briefs since the PowerPoint had that, and instead I would make notes on the PowerPoint in stuff the prof talked about that wasn't on the PowerPoint already. In upper levels I essentially gave up on readings outside of briefly skimming to see what the lecture would be on, browsed Reddit and had a few cans from other students and made sure those cans were in line with what the prof said.
  12. I had a prof who started of the semester saying that he was finally financially stable enough that he could afford to teach.
  13. It's no longer pw protected, and it's a bit lengthy.
  14. Small firm in BC, started articles in mid May. From what I have heard of most friends at big firms, their articles were going to start in September after they finished PLTC.
  15. I'd be much happier about PLTC if the Law Society would actually reserve the Kamloops session for students in the interior or have an online option for those students.
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