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  1. I think criminal law would be a good starting place
  2. Do they really have anything to lose at this point though. The CRT was a major part of the no fault scheme. according to the AG, it was supposed to be lawyers that were causing the financial problems and the CRT was their way to remove that. Without CRT, it's just going to be the same system as before except noone will have to argue liability
  3. An essential part of 1L is arguing about pointless things
  4. That's what I used, ran out of space at the end of 3L though
  5. Also on cloud stuff, many schools over free cloud storage through office 365, so it's worth checking that out for a free and reliable option.
  6. I highly recommend a dual monitor workstation at home with a proper keyboard. Either a desktop or something you can hook up to a laptop works. Also, cloud storage for your notes. Hard drives die and laptops get stolen, you don't want to be losing your notes if that happens.
  7. The problem with advice from a success foreign law student is it's a bit like financial advice from a lottery winner.
  8. What about people that don't have private insurance or benefits through work?
  9. They also just put caps on disbursements for any remaining MVA personal injury files.
  10. while certain schools have certain advantages at certain, the door to any career path isn't closed to you because of your school. The schools in Canada are more or less close enough that there can always be personal circumstances that make a school that would be better for one person worse for someone else. The best people to ask these questions are the people that went to the schools, which is why there's an entire category for these questions on this forum. So no, one school in Canada is not always going to be objectively better than other schools. Compare that to the states where there's strict tiers that range from being guaranteed a job in big law to you are lucky if you even pass the bar.
  11. If you're in BC the best option is to work with notary's and have them do all the conveyancing. Their default liability insurance has a way higher limit than lawyers.
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