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  1. Words of wisdom from an undergrad professor of mine: don't ask your professors how to get a job, if we knew we wouldn't be here teaching you
  2. I'm just going to add that while grades are important for landing OCIs, as it's just about the only thing an employer has to go off of for many students, you do not need to be a straight A student to get OCIs. I know TRU graduates with B averages working in downtown Vancouver firms. So yea, they are important, do the best you can do, but being a median law student is not the end of the world.
  3. Sorry, Civil law and Quebec notaries are out of my knowledge.
  4. What province? What a notary is means very different things depending on where you are
  5. That is a substantial amount of money for one person to take home.
  6. Real estate is a volume business. I know BC notaries that have cracked 200k just doing simple conveyances and development work, although their insurance fund is significantly better than a lawyers so the personal risk is lower.
  7. 1L wouldn't be 1L without bitching about how much studying you have to do, while at a bar at 2am on a Wednesday (or over zoom, because COVID).
  8. Holistic schools still very much care about LSAT and GPA. The people that got accepted with anything below a 148 are exceptional cases that will have something truly impressive and unique on their application to compensate for their poor stats. Giving someone hope that 148 will do it is like a lottery winner telling you to buy lottery tickets because it worked out well for them.
  9. I wonder if they are the same person that wrote this brilliant reddit post https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/in-this-moment-i-am-euphoric
  10. so you are worse at biochem. Maybe you should consider switching to an arts major
  11. From what I have heard from people that make good money with an MBA, it's only worth it in the executive stream at the right school.
  12. Can we at least hold ourselves to a higher standard and use a trebuchet.
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