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  1. hang in there! I got accepted last year on June 12th, and I have other friends who got accepted throughout the summer. You guys should be thrilled you made it so far - it genuinely means that are considering you! good luck to all! (p.s - if I had to give any advice at this stage, it is that you should write a LOCI! - that is, if you got waitlisted. I got admitted almost immediately after. But this is my experience so I take it with a grain of salt!) (p.p.s someone wrote above that they emailed the admissions committee to ask when they would receive a response - I don't think this is absolutely necessary as they are super aware of your situation! Bugging them won't make them make a decision faster, I don't think!)
  2. Hey! I sent a LOCI and got accepted a week after. If you have any questions about your LOCI feel free to ask! good luck !
  3. ADMITTED!!!!!!!! 3.77/4.00. No LSAT. Was waitlisted May 15th. Sent a LOCI last week. good luck to all!
  4. No interview nor contact. I got an email exactly at 8pm saying a decision has been reached... even though my Minerva status had changed in the morning. Good luck.
  5. Thts a great way of seeing it! I was pretty disappointed when I found out I was waitlisted today, but I guess there is always a positive side! Best of luck!
  6. Just got waitlisted. CGPA 3.77/4.00. No email, just checked on minerva.
  7. Unfortunately, I can vouch for the fact that many undergraduate students are in the same boat, too. On that note, I can confirm that waitlist have been going out as well (I know a few people), so... no news is good news? who knows...
  8. Congats!!!! Would you mind sharing with us your CGPA on 4? And also, what time did you get your acceptance?
  9. Given that the deadline for the early acceptances was April 1, what happens now for all of the people who haven't heard back yet? Are there other people waiting to hear back impatiently, like me? CGPA 3.73/4.00, good ECs & references.. Hoping that I am not alone! Good luck to everyone!!
  10. Congratulations! Is your GPA on 4 or 4.3?
  11. Same, I have to pay 300$ in my account so I guess I am in. CGPA 3.73/4.00, BA International Development McGill
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