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  1. I can't say for sure but speaking by previous years, Jan/Feb guys seemed like they were at the top of the waitlist. Meanwhile April/May waitlisters was more like a courtesy and very few of them got in to the Single JD. Then again I'm just speculating from what I saw haha
  2. That's probably good news for you. Usually early waitlisters were accepted in previous years @ Windsor
  3. echoing this from my fellow harvey. There might be slightly lower rates depending on bank modelling but go for the one with least restrictions.
  4. Uhm, how did my post not age well? It posted a 66% return on initial investment in 3 years on the lowest risk possible stocks. It posted an annualized return rate of approximately 20%. All one had to do was not sell and not pay any attention to their portfolio. If you can post 20% return over 20-30 years, you will be a very very wealthy person. Try doing the math on 20% compound interest over a long period of time... Apple: - In 2018 February, Apple was at 43 usd (adjusted to post-stock split price). Now it's triple at around 120 usd after crashing 17% from its highs of 147 usd. Goldman Sachs - In 2018 February, GS was 267 usd-ish. It's now at 327 usd and will likely be performing well this year hitting potentially 350 usd given the upward trend financials will get via rising yields and and recovering economy. There's also the 1.27% dividend yield. So essentially you'd be up 20% to date right now. If it goes to 350 this year, you're looking at 30% return not including reinvested dividends. Bank of America 37.5 15 15625 - In February 2018, BAC was sitting in the low 30s (30-32). It is now 38.68 usd which looks like it will go higher as well for the same reasons as GS. Higher yields, well capitalized, and great investment bank returns could push this to at least the low 40s. That's a 20% return in 3 years not including their near 2% dividend yield. You're probably looking at closer to 30% at least when the year is done. Coca Cola - This was at 44 usd in Feb 2018 and is now 53 usd. So around 25% gain since then. Since this is a re-opening play, it should easily hit 60 usd by years end. In sum, that's about 33% gain without factoring in their very nice 3.17% dividend yield. You're probably looking at closer to 40% since then. Total returns doing regular stocks like above on lets say 50k invested total spread equally: Approximately 83k USD (without adding in any dividends or future gains of this year). That should probably be closer to 100k by the end of this year and will continue to grow. Bitcoin - Was at 10k usd in Feb 2018, now its around 55k. So that's a 5.5x return. Highly volatile but seems it'll continue pushing higher. I was wrong about it for sure and its longevity. But still, most people cannot tolerate its volatility and I still don't think it should be a large piece of someone's portfolio. My conclusion: If you are lucky enough to day trade and make money, go for it. For the vast majority of people who are not wealthy and do not have free time on their hands, they have to choose stocks for the long term. Was I wrong about bitcoin? Yea. 100%. But would you be some loser if you had went my way? I don't think so. You would be up 66% in 3 years. I've learned more things as an investor since that time period as well. But most people do not have time or the interest to learn and day trade stocks like @MetcalfeR - Metcalfe, would you rather own equities or bitcoin for the next 10-20 years? If you say bitcoin, you don't really know that for sure. I still encourage people that don't have the time or patience to learn to go invest in a S&P ETF (SPY or VOO) and maybe an allocation into Cathie Wood's ETFs. If you have a little more time to research, you can look at other names like Tesla, Lightspeed, or whatever. I recently turned my attention to SPACs. I'm heavily invested in one called IPOE which will be turning into SOFI (Social Finance). I think a lot of people in this forum might really like SoFi. Don't let people shame you into thinking 20% annually is a bad return. Maybe theres people with "diamond hands" who can literally join discord chats and follow reddit posts religiously. Most of us do not have that luxury. Invest 10-20% of your income if you can, or even 5% - whatever you can manage. Consistently apply it and your portfolio will grow over the long run. The next frontier of investing and business will be an acceleration of technology and innovation. I'm excited for the next 5-10 years. I've geared my investments for that. I'm happy to share them if anyone is interested. If you hold Apple, banks, oils etc - I would be looking at transitioning those towards more tech/innovation long term winners over the course of this year. The economy has changed so investing should change as well. I'm willing to admit some of my stock picks weren't perfect and in hindsight probably could have chosen others. But the risk of being in these were very low and I'm proud that they did well even after a global pandemic. Low risk yielded 66% total and 20% annualized return. That's actually better than virtually most hedge funds. That number looks good to me. Happy investing. :)
  5. Depends on your risk tolerance but yeah I think thats a great way to go too haha
  6. I agree. Part of the problem I think is people being rude and obnoxious. If you can't say something on a forum nicely then don't be saying it. The anonymity of a forum is probably a big reason for this but people need to chill out lol.
  7. I'm sure you would get in with a 170 but PTing and actually testing are two different things. I hope you get the score you want!
  8. Cool idea would be take your LoC and invest it into the S&P 500 if you're not an experienced investor. With all the fed pumping money into the market, its free money.
  9. I understand. I wasn't trying to have a discussion on politics. My apologies.
  10. Not sure how thats off topic but noted. Our management of covid literally affects if we go back to school in person or not. Thanks for your sage intervention though. I'm sure its much appreciated by the forum..
  11. I'm not sure how many times Ryn has to say he can't comment on your individual stats... @Ryn Happy new year! How does one apply and join the ad comm? I think its a cool opportunity to help the admissions team. Thanks for all you do!
  12. Thanks for this! Hoping for the best. Just been very disappointed with the entire covid-19 management by our federal and provincial governments. I just somehow can't get comfortable with the fact we might wear masks in the fall!
  13. Odds F21 semester for law schools is all online? Or maybe that will depend on the region you live in. This vaccine roll out is going slower than expected. I wonder if half of the country (at least) can be vaccinated by September. Even if they aren't, I'm not sure I want to be wearing masks in class.
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