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  1. I ended up picking UTSG! Thanks to everyone for the advice!
  2. Okay, sounds good. I really hope I can find some alumni at the applicant info night and open house.
  3. The program at York is actually only 45 students. They have internship opportunities for "eligible" students. Here's a bit of what they say on the program site: Internship and Practicum Opportunities As a Public Administration student you will have the opportunity to gain experience through field placements in Public Administration related organizations. You will be able to make contacts, increase your practical knowledge base and potentially line up a future job after graduation with this valuable opportunity. Unique Programming We pride ourselves on being able to deliver small class sizes and personalized attention to our students’ learning needs as well as their professional development. Students develop strong research skills and interdisciplinary solutions to public policy and management problems under the supervision of faculty members from a variety of disciplines and with practical experience in the broader public sector. http://liberal-arts.yorku.ca/program/public-administration/ This being, I do not know which school will have more opportunities
  4. I mean just with the degree, or if I decide to work for a few years before I go to law school (or even do a combined degree that requires you to have 2 years of job experience).
  5. What are your thoughts on like the fact that I would get a Bachelor of Public Admin from YorkU and a Bachelor of Arts from UofT? Do you think the BPA would be more beneficial when finding a job?
  6. Thanks for the info, it really made me reconsider somethings, including whether I should do econ. So, I suppose it's all about program at this point... I know that the BPA has more job prospects than the BA, and this is why I wanted to do the BPA in the first place. I didn't think I was going to get into UofT, so when I did I reconsidered a lot. I really didn't think I was smart enough to get into UofT, and to be honest, based on what everyone says about UofT, I don't think I would survive there (here I am putting myself down). I know if I WORK hard I may make it, but at the end of the day, I know it's hard to make it on top of our class, and I am no genius. This being, I am considering the fact that the BPA at York would allow me to not only land a job out of school, but would allow me to achieve a higher GPA.
  7. Hey guysI got accepted to UofT for Social Sciences (probably will major in economics and something else, maybe public policy or society, ethics, and law) at St. George and UTM. I also got into York University for Public Administration and I am having a really hard time choosing which university I should go to. I am currently in grade 12, and I aspire to be a lawyer or a public admin director. So, I know I will need to go to grad school after. After doing research online, I've learned that people think YorkU is "easier," than UofT which makes it "easier" to get into grad school. But, after looking around this forum, people say it's actually a myth and all Social Sciences programs in Canada are about the same. Thing is, I know that it's hard to get into law school, and this being you should always have a backup plan. The Public Admin program at YorkU is a BPA - Bachelor of Public Admin, while Social Sciences at UofT is a BA. Being that the Public Admin program gives me a specialized degree, I come to believe it would be easier to find a job. But, UofT is "more" prestigious - it's also one of the best schools in the world. In terms of commute, YorkU is a bit closer, it's about an hour bus ride, while UofT is about 1 hour and 45 minutes or so, but I don't find this a big deal because all of high school I've have to commute and I am used to it. What do you guys think?
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