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  1. I wasn't aware of a scholarship for making the Dean's List. Is it something that you had to apply for? Maybe check the online scholarships and bursaries app in the student center? I think that is where awards etc. appear first.
  2. Hi there, I was fairly sure it was 7.5. Are you checking the "Unofficial Transcript" app in UOZone? I think this is the only place that it shows (i.e. won't show under "My Grades").
  3. Hi there - I heard back this year in about the middle of May.
  4. Hi @saraeliz and @LS9292 I am also trying to transfer to Osgoode! Do either of you have any idea on the timeline for this (i.e. when we might hear about accepted/rejected)? I don't think my grounds for transferring will count as "compassionate" (I want to be closer to family, my significant other and some other commitments). My 1L GPA is roughly A- (it's on the 10-point UO scale and I don't know exactly what it works out to on a 4.0 scale). Did either of you apply to U of T as well / know of the timeline there? Best of luck
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