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  1. Sorry for not being clear. I was never on the waitlist, just got directly rejected from queue.
  2. Rejected. cGPA 3.83 LSAT 159 I thought that I would at least have a chance on the waitlist.
  3. Thanks! I guess I have no chance. Good luck to those on the wait list! Not even sure why I’m still in queue, I was put in queue since January
  4. Do you guys think the spots are all filled up already? If not, how many spots do you think are left? At this point of the cycle, I’m expecting a rejection. I just want a response from Osgoode before I’m set on another school. cGPA 3.83 LSAT 159
  5. I was put in queue on January 21st. I took the February LSAT (which I scored lower than my December LSAT), so maybe they pushed my file back because of that.
  6. I have pretty much the same stats as yours but didn’t get an offer yet. However, I do have very weak ECs. :/ cGPA: 3.83 LSAT: 159 (December)
  7. Accepted today! cGPA 3.83 LSAT 159 Will be declining, good luck for those waiting
  8. cGPA 3.83 LSAT 159 really want to get into Osgoode :\
  9. Hi guys what are my chances for Osgoode? cGPA 3.83 LSAT 159
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