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  1. GPA is 88.6 --- (Also, would admissions round this up to a 89?) LSAT 159. I'm coming up on a stressful work / family season and would rather not take the LSAT again, because who would?! I'm wondering if I should just buckle down, or if this Index score is reliable/sufficient.
  2. Do you know if they are responding to CGPA email right now? I was told they were too busy.
  3. 😬😬😬😬😬 Regular category. Trying to decide if I should take the LSAT again.
  4. Hellooooo I did an exchange one semester, and it has made it difficult to pin down (and be confident in) what exactly my CGPA will be. I called in admissions and they said that they use the World Education Services converter for international marking. I have done so and attempted to nail down my CGPA, it's just I'm not super confident that I did everything accurately and by clarifying this score, it will determine if I need to take the LSAT again. I have not finished my application, but if I called in, would they be able to provide my CGPA? Thanks 😬
  5. I'm a little confused regarding the January LSAT and the 2020 acceptance/intake. I can take the January LSAT, correct? If so, am I pushing it by taking the LSAT in Jan??
  6. I have recently purchased the Powerscore Bible Trilogy from 2019. I am wondering if it is necessary that I purchase the Powerscore workbooks from 2019 as well, or will 2018 be ok?
  7. Wow, @LegalSmeagle thank you for the information! This makes a lot of sense. Thankfully my CC used percentage/number grades. I have another question and I am wondering if the same answer applies-- I did a semester in the UK and my marks are quite low from there because it is a different grading system. Do you think those UK marks will simply be referenced, or actually input into the GPA calculation?
  8. I transferred from a local community college to a four year school and will hopefully apply to UBC next year. I'm wondering how will UBC calculate my GPA? Will they include the marks from my CC classes as well? My current university does not include those marks on my GPA.
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