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  1. I also recieved one, no acceptance. Was told I’d hear back end of February.
  2. I never received such information after I applied this cycle, can anyone else corroborate on this?
  3. For reference I was waitlisted last year with no admission with a 154 and 3.43
  4. I took the course UBC offered for LSAT prep, and although I though it was helping and brought my PT to a 157, i ended up getting a worst score than i had last year.
  5. Last year Leanne told me TRU takes L3
  6. I understand how busy Leanne must be but what a poor admission process. I find it pretty outrageous that they have one person doing all the admissions, and when she goes on holidays it becomes radio silence. I don’t find this fair to the applicants at all.
  7. What was your original waitlist spot? And what are yours stats
  8. Oh perfect, well good luck to us then haha
  9. What was your original waitlist number
  10. Rejected as well today. L3 3.42, LSAT 154, no sask connection. On waitlist at TRU so hoping that pans out.
  11. I still haven't heard anything yet my L3 is 3.42 and my LSAT is a 154. Minimal sask connections, my Grandpa is just alumni.
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