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  1. joedeekay

    Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Got accepted on January 15th. Declined in favour of Calgary. LSAT 166 L2 3.8
  2. Got accepted on January 15th. Declined offer in favour of U of Calgary. LSAT 166. GPA 85%
  3. I also received offers from both schools. I accepted UofC as it was my first choice, being that I live in Calgary currently (not wanting to move) and am hoping to practice law here for the foreseeable future. I was only a little bit conflicted as I also received an entrance award offer from the UofA already. I think my chances of getting an entrance award for the UofC should be just as good if not better anyway, I guess I'll find out in March. Someone please let me know if I'm wrong, haha. Either way, weighing the options I still would rather go to UofC and stay in Calgary.
  4. joedeekay

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    I got accepted back on January 10th, about two days after I got the green circle. I discovered this forum a bit late but still wanted to share my stats with you all as well. L2: 3.8 LSAT: 166 From what I can tell, since I was accepted, I must have had at least decent work experience, volunteer experience, and references. I felt good about them when submitting the application. I put a great amount of care and consideration into my personal statement as well, really tailoring it towards the U of Calgary - but I guess that's how these things tend to be in the first place.