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  1. I thought A- was a 3.67? Do they round it up to 3.7?
  2. Bumping this (since the other thread was as well). Anyone want to post a list for UBC?
  3. To confirm if OLSAS has received your LSAT score, go to the "Document tracking" page. It should list your scores there.
  4. Well, certainly seems more accurate than the Maclean's ranking... BTW, it says Osgoode's avg. LSAT score is 165. Isn't it more around 162?
  5. Where did you decide to go, out of curiosity?
  6. Insane how you haven't been accepted yet. Did you also apply to UofT?
  7. Is this thread still active? I have some questions about UBC Law I was hoping a senior law student could answer?
  8. I'm confused. You're linking to a thread that describes your experience as someone who did not have the grades or LSAT score to get into any Canadian schools, and had to settle by going to the UK. I don't understand how this is a contradiction of the OP's notion that going to the UK is a cop out. If anything, it seems to give credence to the notion.
  9. Yeah, that's confusing. I asked them if their score is from February '18, so that should hopefully clear things up.
  10. Hey, just wondering, is your 164 score from February 2018? Thanks for the help!
  11. Hello, so I take it it's not inappropriate to give them a call, tell them your index, and ask if you'll be put on the wait list or accepted? Or did you give them your name and they looked you up on their files and told you your chances?
  12. If you're applying through OLSAS, I'm (95%) sure that you will have to ask them to resubmit. I think everything you have on OLSAS for this year gets wiped out for next cycle (unlike the LSAC system, where your reference letters can stay on for years I think).
  13. Hello. Just wondering what people's thoughts are about following up with the admissions team (via email or phone) regarding their file? I received my February LSAT score last night like everyone else, and I'm confident I will receive an offer based on my new index. Should I follow up with them to make sure they re-evaluate my file, or just wait a few days? And does anyone know how long they usually take to re-evaluate a file once February scores have been released? Thanks so much for the help!
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