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  1. Hi everyone - since we haven't heard back from @LawTalkingGuy we are still looking for someone to take over this website. Please let us know if anyone is interested.
  2. @LawTalkingGuy @lawtalkinguy Great! I sent you direct message.
  3. Hi everyone, not sure if this is allowed by the rules but want to try anyway. We are a small web-design agency in Toronto and had a law firm client who pulled out last minute when his website was pretty much ready. Since we don't want it to be just generic "template" website we will give it away for free to you if you are someone who needs a website. Below is the link to the demo: http://agenda.originweb.ca/index.html It's fully responsive design, our designers developed it from the ground up and we are really proud of it. Only requirements from our end will be: - No design changes, you will get website as is, we will only upload your logo/content in - We would love to get a testimonial we can use on our website going forward Please let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks! Dim