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  1. I know this school must give preference to in province applicants, but i'm wondering how much of a chance i would have of getting in? Besides working full time during school I have basically no EC'S, but pretty strong LOR's. Thanks guys!!
  2. These are my final scores, I want to know my chances at any law school in Canada. I'm applying this month on OLSAS for ontario schools. CGPA: 3.24/4, L2: 3.66/4, LSAT 162. Worked fulltime while doing fulltime school, but besides that not many EC'S. Chances?? Thanks guys!
  3. polisciundergrad10

    does the OLSAS gpa calculator accurately calculate YORK'S grades?

    Okay, makes sense. Thank you!
  4. I input my grades into the olsas gpa calculator mock tool and it tells my my L2 is 3.66... but then when I manually calculate it the way on some forums on here have said to do it I get 3.78. Obviously that is a big difference so could someone confirm with me if that online calculator incorrectly calculates york grades or something? this is the website i am referencing: http://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/CGPA/Index
  5. So I have filling out the application and I am a bit confused as to what the characteristic statement is supposed to contain. Are we only supposed to submit one if we have had experience in the legal field...because i have not yet. I don't think this is a personal statement, correct? Will it hurt my application if I don't submit anything for this part? thanks!
  6. polisciundergrad10

    OLSAS sketch and verifiers

    yeah that is good advice I will try that and hopefully it works out.. thanks!
  7. polisciundergrad10

    OLSAS sketch and verifiers

    I volunteered a few years back with a special needs class and wanted to include it in my OLSAS sketch... only problem is the teacher who I was volunteering with is now retired and I have no idea how to reach her. Should I just leave it out or add it without a verifier?
  8. polisciundergrad10

    Transcript question..

    When we request our transcript and it is put into the OLSAS system, do the transcripts update themselves once you finish the semester or will you have to request an updated transcript and hand that in as well in January? (Assuming one has not been accepted yet)
  9. polisciundergrad10


    This might be a random question but I am taking the subway down to the test center which is an hour away from me. What am i supposed to do with my wallet/phone? I can't take the public transit without them but I also can't bring them into the test center...
  10. polisciundergrad10

    is registering for CAS really necessary?

    oh okay! well, all the better then since I'm only applying to Ontario schools. Thank you!
  11. I'm wondering how necessary is it to fork over the extra money for this "CAS" registration and why/how it makes my life easier if i do? It just doesn't seem to be explaining clearly to me through the LSAC website and i was wondering if anyone here could explain it's usefulness to me? Thanks!!
  12. polisciundergrad10

    Best LSAT course?

    I haven't actually done my LSAT yet so I can't give you an extremely knowledgeable response, however I studied the powerscore bibles a few months ago and was finding the books don't explain things that well, at least in my personal opinion. I recently enrolled in 7sage and realized how much better it is that the PS bibles, its so clear and well explained and the material is all organized in such a practical and efficient way. Definitely recommend 7Sage over Powerscore but that being said, it all matters on you personally and what works for you!
  13. polisciundergrad10

    confusing question about cgpa

    Yeah I unfortunately found out about petitioning off first year grades too late as well, it is really annoying how it isn't common knowledge at York. I found out in third year and was told by the department that it's too late to apply for it... If the F is going to show up in my cgpa regardless then I really don't see a point in even retaking the course then
  14. polisciundergrad10

    confusing question about cgpa

    Yes, the school I attend to does have the policy that they will replace the grade however I believe the old grade is only replaced once you finish the course. So, i suppose the best bet for me would be to take it anyways and see if maybe some late rounds will take into consideration my final grades at the end of May.
  15. polisciundergrad10

    confusing question about cgpa

    Wow really? So, is it really worth it for me to even retake the course if it isn't going to replace my failed grade and instead just focus on l2 schools? Or should I just retake it to be on the safe side?