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  1. Didn't know that my undergraduate degree grades will follow me. Thanks for the advice guys :)
  2. So I got into the queen's program and I am most likely accepting, but I am wondering do I still have to maintain my grades for my last semester or is it okay if i let my marks slide down a bit to a B average this last semester and take it easier. Not sure if this would result in my acceptance getting revoked or something!
  3. Just got the email!! First ontario acceptance, so excited! Olsas cgpa: 3.09, L2: Around 3.66...not sure because I'm still completing my last year. LSAT: 162
  4. Western has always been my top choice for law school. I know my stats aren't the greatest so I just wanted to see if anyone has some insight as to how my chances are at Western. Should I look into retaking the LSAT or maybe taking an extra year or two at uni to raise my L2? Thanks guys! P.S. My EC's were pretty much just my job because I worked full time during full time school plus extreme circumstance family responsibilities which I mentioned in my PS.
  5. I know this school must give preference to in province applicants, but i'm wondering how much of a chance i would have of getting in? Besides working full time during school I have basically no EC'S, but pretty strong LOR's. Thanks guys!!
  6. These are my final scores, I want to know my chances at any law school in Canada. I'm applying this month on OLSAS for ontario schools. CGPA: 3.24/4, L2: 3.66/4, LSAT 162. Worked fulltime while doing fulltime school, but besides that not many EC'S. Chances?? Thanks guys!
  7. I input my grades into the olsas gpa calculator mock tool and it tells my my L2 is 3.66... but then when I manually calculate it the way on some forums on here have said to do it I get 3.78. Obviously that is a big difference so could someone confirm with me if that online calculator incorrectly calculates york grades or something? this is the website i am referencing: http://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/CGPA/Index
  8. So I have filling out the application and I am a bit confused as to what the characteristic statement is supposed to contain. Are we only supposed to submit one if we have had experience in the legal field...because i have not yet. I don't think this is a personal statement, correct? Will it hurt my application if I don't submit anything for this part? thanks!
  9. yeah that is good advice I will try that and hopefully it works out.. thanks!
  10. I volunteered a few years back with a special needs class and wanted to include it in my OLSAS sketch... only problem is the teacher who I was volunteering with is now retired and I have no idea how to reach her. Should I just leave it out or add it without a verifier?
  11. When we request our transcript and it is put into the OLSAS system, do the transcripts update themselves once you finish the semester or will you have to request an updated transcript and hand that in as well in January? (Assuming one has not been accepted yet)
  12. This might be a random question but I am taking the subway down to the test center which is an hour away from me. What am i supposed to do with my wallet/phone? I can't take the public transit without them but I also can't bring them into the test center...
  13. oh okay! well, all the better then since I'm only applying to Ontario schools. Thank you!
  14. I'm wondering how necessary is it to fork over the extra money for this "CAS" registration and why/how it makes my life easier if i do? It just doesn't seem to be explaining clearly to me through the LSAC website and i was wondering if anyone here could explain it's usefulness to me? Thanks!!
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