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  1. Hi I've just went to London today to do some apartment searching. My priority is to find 1 bed-room or Bachelor Apartment since I prefer to stay on my own. This narrowed down my choices between either Cherrhvill or Blossom Gates (625 Kipps Lane). I feel like Cherryhill is safer and closer to the campus whereas I find the Blossom Gates neighbourhood a bit more appealing since they are younger. I was wondering if anyone would like to share their experiences with either of the places. You can either comment below or if you prefer PM, that works perfectly fine with me! Thank you for all your help. It seems like almost impossible to find a Bachelor or 1 bed-room place at this time except those two places. If anyone knows other properties still accepting tenants, please let me know! Thank you in advance!
  2. did anyone get accepted off waitlist today or this week??
  3. Hi can I ask you when your deadline is to decide?
  4. Do we need to send the final grades of the winter terms?
  5. I just wanted to know if 2Ls and 3Ls would have any suggestions if they were to go back in time - the summer right before starting 1L, what they wish they'd have done to better prepare for the three years of law school experiences!
  6. Hi Ryn! Thank you for your input! Really appreciate it. So if you are waitlisted, then would the committee automatically look into your final grades?
  7. Thank you! Then would it be safe to assume that I'd most likely to be rejected at this point? Just want to start making plans for next year!
  8. I also have similar question. I wish to get involved in any of the clinics in the first year but do not have much of relevant school experiences. I did volunteer at a law firm for few months and published a law booklet both in English and Korean but nothing more than that. From my undergrad experience, I feel like you need to start 'networking' to get those spots early on so was wondering if anyone has experiences working at clinics from 1L. And if so, any insights about the experiences and how competitive it is to get a spot would be much appreciated. Also, on a different note, how difficult is it to find an internship position right after 1L? At this point, I am mostly interested in corporate law and to get an internship at Bay street from 2L, I heard that you need to have any kind of experiences in even a small boutique law firm starting from 1L. Is this true? And if so, what kinds of aids do Western provide for students to find their internships as early as in 1L? In addition, I believe Western has a quite close relationship with Torys LLP. Does this help you as a student in finding internships at Torys necessarily?
  9. Hi Ryn, Thank you for your previous response. As I have not heard anything back from Osgoode, I started to think if they wish to look at my second semester of fourth year grades before they make decisions. Could this be a possible case? I am aware that we need to send in our final transcripts by June for most of law schools but from what I have heard, they do not their admission decisions based on the last semester grades. However, since I am yet to hear anything from Osgoode, I was wondering if admission committees sometimes make decisions based on the last semester grades. Thank you in advance
  10. Have an exact same question. Mine has been in que since Nov 9th.
  11. lol I guess I will start. Just saw it on my Uozone. cGPA 3.51 LSAT 163
  12. Just wondering, we do not have to pay the deposit when we provisionally accept? Because when I resubmitted the whole application after provisionally accepting my choice, the fee was shown as $0 not $500.
  13. Since the deadline to accept is April 1, I was wondering if more offers will come out before then this week. Especially for Osgoode and Ottawa.
  14. Hi Ryn, I was wondering if for Osgoode, by this time, majority of offers have been sent out already or not. Osgoode is sort of my first choice and am thinking about transferring if I do not get in this cycle, so just wanted to know before I make any future plans. Would Osgoode send out another set of offers before April 1st?
  15. were u waitlisted? I guess if so, those who are rejected will get email notification later than those who got into the waitlist.
  16. My stats are: cGPA of 3.51, L2 3.69 and B3 3.77 with my highest LSAT 163 (and lowest 157). I have not heard back from ANY of the schools I have applied yet. Should I just assume that I won't be accepted to any since I have not heard back yet and start thinking about reapplying? (And do I really not have any chance in any of the schools?) And when reapplying, do I need to make changes to my written components of the application?
  17. I've also put in queue early November as I posted earlier. Looking at the previous accepted threads, I feel like those who were put in queue earlier tend to go on waitlists and I'm just super worried / nervous rn. Has anyone contacted the admission office about this issue? Or does anyone know when the next round of offers will be?
  18. In queue since November 9th. Does this mean anything though?
  19. same here. my cGPA is 3.51 after the fall grade with fall grade being 3.93 and LSAT 163 (87th percentile). I am not sure if I should be worried with no notification from any of the Ontario law schools at this point. Honestly, I've started studying for LSAT just in case. But was wondering if there will be more acceptances coming out on February and March.
  20. Congrats! Did you get email? or did you check through the Oasis?
  21. Hi Ryn, I wish I knew this post before I applied. So I have a bad cGPA of 3.45 mostly because I was not strong in one of the required course topics - and one of my referee explains about this in detail in the reference letter (I did touch upon this a bit in my PS too). And my best LSAT score is 163 with the other one being 157. Would I have a chance for Osgoode?
  22. Hey! Thank you so much for a detailed comment. I have actually considered about writing mine but the thing is that I already talked about my diversity in my optional essay (optional essay #1) how intellectual experience helped me embrace my diverse identities and how I made it as my core strength. So I have decided not to write this additional essay since I will be only restating myself.
  23. I am still split. If I write and do not write well, I feel like it will be a minus to my application. But at the same time, I feel like everyone else will be doing this so not doing this itself would be a minus to my overall application. Is there anyone NOT writing the additional additional essay at all?
  24. Do we need to request the registrar to send transcript separately to each school ? Or is it once i submit everything and pay, it uploads automatically to the system? cause if its the former im ... doomed
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