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  1. Are Brauti Thorning and Matthews calls already done?
  2. Wow thanks!! Do you know anything about IMAX?
  3. I guess other firms (Metrolinx, Aviva, First capital, IMAX) just decided no to go with these internships cause of COVID-19...?
  4. Yeah have anyone heard back from any of other companies listed above??
  5. I heard back from Competition internship today but didn't hear back from any of the above as well.
  6. I didn't hear from Metrolinx and Fasken - anyone heard back from IMAX/Aviva/First capital?
  7. did anyone hear back from IESO 1L internship for those who applied ?
  8. Hi I've just went to London today to do some apartment searching. My priority is to find 1 bed-room or Bachelor Apartment since I prefer to stay on my own. This narrowed down my choices between either Cherrhvill or Blossom Gates (625 Kipps Lane). I feel like Cherryhill is safer and closer to the campus whereas I find the Blossom Gates neighbourhood a bit more appealing since they are younger. I was wondering if anyone would like to share their experiences with either of the places. You can either comment below or if you prefer PM, that works perfectly fine with me! Thank you for all your help. It seems like almost impossible to find a Bachelor or 1 bed-room place at this time except those two places. If anyone knows other properties still accepting tenants, please let me know! Thank you in advance!
  9. did anyone get accepted off waitlist today or this week??
  10. Hi can I ask you when your deadline is to decide?
  11. Do we need to send the final grades of the winter terms?
  12. I just wanted to know if 2Ls and 3Ls would have any suggestions if they were to go back in time - the summer right before starting 1L, what they wish they'd have done to better prepare for the three years of law school experiences!
  13. Hi Ryn! Thank you for your input! Really appreciate it. So if you are waitlisted, then would the committee automatically look into your final grades?
  14. Thank you! Then would it be safe to assume that I'd most likely to be rejected at this point? Just want to start making plans for next year!
  15. I also have similar question. I wish to get involved in any of the clinics in the first year but do not have much of relevant school experiences. I did volunteer at a law firm for few months and published a law booklet both in English and Korean but nothing more than that. From my undergrad experience, I feel like you need to start 'networking' to get those spots early on so was wondering if anyone has experiences working at clinics from 1L. And if so, any insights about the experiences and how competitive it is to get a spot would be much appreciated. Also, on a different note, how difficult is it to find an internship position right after 1L? At this point, I am mostly interested in corporate law and to get an internship at Bay street from 2L, I heard that you need to have any kind of experiences in even a small boutique law firm starting from 1L. Is this true? And if so, what kinds of aids do Western provide for students to find their internships as early as in 1L? In addition, I believe Western has a quite close relationship with Torys LLP. Does this help you as a student in finding internships at Torys necessarily?
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