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  1. sdwray

    Current UOttawa 1L, AMA

    STEP 2 - ENROLL FOR YOUR COURSES ONLINE Log into uoZone and, under Applications, click Student Center. Under Academics, click on Enroll. You will only be registering to the small group course associated to your block and a thematic course. Once registered to the small group course, the Common Law Student Centre will proceed with the enrollment of the rest of your block. You are guaranteed enrollment to the rest of the block once registered to the small group course. This is from the program website for 2017-2018: https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/enrollment/first-year-english-jd-programs Looks like we only enroll for our small group course and the thematic course (unless the info for 2018-2019 ends up being different, once updated). Keep in mind that if you're in program other than strictly the J.D. - a particular thematic course may be mandatory. I only say this because I'm in the M.A/J.D. program and I'm required to take Public International Law as my thematic. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about any of this. I'm trying to get as much information as possible before the enrollment date, as I have a little one starting kindergarten in the fall and will need to know my schedule sooner rather than later!
  2. sdwray

    Joint MA-JD

    Thanks so much for your reply! Is it as complicate to navigate as they're making it seem? lol.
  3. sdwray

    Administrative Problems at U Ottawa

    What a fantastic read that was! Congrats, by the way.
  4. sdwray

    Receipt for tuition deposit?

    I'm going to try and explain as best I can, but feel free to ask for clarity on any of these steps: - Login to UZone - On the right hand side, there is a list under 'Key Applications'. Click on the 6th down: 'Student Center' - An archaic portal website (lol) will open, entitled '__your name__'s Student Center' - Under 'Finances' , on the left, select 'Account Inquiry' under 'My Account' - Another page will open with tabs at the top, select the 'Activity' tab, which is to the left of the 'Summary' tab - This will show you a list of transactions, including the tuition deposit I hope this helps!
  5. sdwray

    LSAT - Non-Scored Section

    I wrote a test with 2 LG. The first one was experimental.
  6. sdwray

    Rejected 2018

    What was your stats?
  7. sdwray

    Joint MA-JD

    What are your thoughts on the joint MA-JD program? Did you apply? Have you heard back? I'm just trying to get a feel for the program, as I've accepted both offers and am feeling a bit overwhelmed!
  8. sdwray

    Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    Accepted today! Accepted to the JD/MA program, as well. OLSAS GPA: 3.81 Never figured out how to calculate my L2, but I know that it's slightly higher than my overall. LSAT: 158 Strong LORs and PS.