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  1. I'd check out the Fredericton Kijiji for apartments and roommates. There was an ad up there a few days ago by a couple a law students looking for another law student to room with.
  2. It won't be affecting anyone enrolled as of the academic year 2018-2019, but the following year the new students will potentially have a tuition increase of 50%. As long as you've been enrolled before 2019-2020 you will have a tuition cap, where your tuition can only increase by 2% per year. It will be the new students (2019-2020 and onwards) that will be affected.
  3. According to the Brunswickian it will only be affecting students enrolled as of 2019-2020, and those of us who are attending in the fall will have a tuition cap of 2%. But still its a huge hike in cost.
  4. Does anyone know anything about the potential tuition increase for law students? I heard that it will increase to 14 000 a year. Just curious of anyone had any more information.
  5. If you apply early in the cycle you should have a good shot. Unb reserves seats for NL students, although I have heard they use your current address to determine status. Just write a killer PS and I think you'll have a decent shot
  6. Yes I was notified by email this afternoon, and yes I will most likely being accepting
  7. Accepted today! 3.6 GPA 154 lsat Atlantic resident Congrats to everyone!
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