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  1. I got in with pretty much the exact same stats last year (3.72 L2 154 LSAT). I was waitlisted mid May and accepted at the end of July. I think i have pretty good ECs though, they were definitely catered to UofC's specialization . Some people in my class didnt get in until August! You never know, keep the faith. Good luck!
  2. For what its worth, I am a 1L at UofC and there is a large group of mature students. From what I've heard UofC is quite accessible for mature students. I would say definitely worth applying
  3. Hey guys I am a 1L and just had a quick question that I'am hoping will save me some time with the career office. Can you switch into your school's joint JD/MBA program after 1L? Is that common? If so, what would that process look like? Would they go back to my undergrad grades? When does the "MBA portion of your education start and how does that work with your JD course load? Also, I guess it is worth asking, is it even worth it? I am interested because I am slowly realizing more and more how business and finance focused many areas of law are. Some contracts and property cases are just impossible to conceptualize without this background knowledge. I definitely see myself working in a corporate law setting in one capacity or another. I really think getting an "MBA" or business education would help a lot in my career for reasons beyond networking and the extra 3 letters at the end of my email signature. Any relevant advice is welcome! Thanks
  4. University of Calgary (oil and gas, energy), University of Alberta (O&G, Indigenous, forestry) Bora Laskin (mining, forestry, northern development, Indigenous) Western (mining law), Dalhousie (maritime law, fisheries law) I am currently a 1L who's interest to go to law school stemmed primarily from an interest in natural resources. I did a lot of research into schools where my application would be considered competitive. For that reason, my knowledge is limited. However, I do know that these schools offer incredible opportunities to work in the natural resource sector. Natural resources is a very diverse field, and for that reason some schools offer greater specialization in different areas. There are no maritime law or course offered at the University of Alberta, and greater specialization in O&G law in Calgary and Alberta. My advice is just do a ton of research. Western has a Global Sustainability Certificate which compliments your JD by offering specialization in mining, finance and sustainability. Calgary offers the International Energy Lawyers Program which sends students to Houston Texas for 2 years to get an American JD while focusing on international energy law. Dalhousie has the Maritime & Environmental Law Program which specializes in Ocean Law, International shipping law, marine and environmental protection policy... etc. If you have an idea of what area of natural resources you are interested in, it may help narrow your selection. At the same time, any of those schools above (and others I am sure), offer a ton of natural resource material and are a great starting point for a career in natural resource law. Ultimately the latter is probably the better approach as it keeps a variety of options open. I personally chose Calgary because I was blown away by the variety of course offerings which supplemented my interest in natural resources and a curiosity for energy law. Any school website will show you the upper year course offerings, just do research and go from there
  5. Hello everyone, I was accepted of the waitlist a few weeks ago so I have had to get everything organized as quickly as possible. I ordered all my textbooks through the UofC bookstore online and got an email back saying four of the textbooks were backordered and not currently available at the bookstore. Does anyone have an idea how long it takes for the bookstore to receive their textbooks? Is it too late to cancel the order and find the books somewhere else? If so where can I find these new/used books? Any advice on how to get my textbooks in a cost-effective and timely matter would be much appreciated! While I'm at it, I am looking to join some clubs or societies. If I could get a list of groups or some contact info that would be awesome. Thank you!
  6. Sorry it took so long guys but I just withdrew my seat in Bora Laskin. Got accepted into Calgary a couple weeks ago and had to take some time to make a decision. Excited to give my seat up to one of you! Good luck
  7. Accepted off the waitlist yesterday Will be accepting LSAT 155 L2/B2 3.75
  8. Let us know if you make a group, would like to meet my new classmates
  9. Got the call yesterday CGPA: 3.2 L2: 3.75 LSAT: 155 Lots of experience supervising and working reforestation work and reclamation work on mines. Natural resource management experience was definitely helpful. First acceptance so as of now I will be accepting. Congrats everyone!
  10. Can you please elaborate on this fool proof logic games method?
  11. What type of courses were you taking during your 5, 5.5 years? I only need a few extra courses to satisfy my degree. Could I hypothetically load up on a bunch of 1st and 2nd year courses to boost my GPA?
  12. What type of courses were you taking during your 5, 5.5 years? I only need a few extra courses to satisfy my degree. Could I hypothetically load up on a bunch of 1st and 2nd year courses to boost my GPA?
  13. Does it matter what courses i take? Hypothetically could I load up on electives and 1st or second year courses?
  14. L2, B3, CGPA? What were you're reasons for taking an extra 1.5 years?
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