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  1. Still crying - got the email this morning! cGPA 3.6, 161, went into queue November 22nd.
  2. Been in queue since Nov 22nd - cGPA 3.6, 161
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a recent pros/cons list of going to both schools. I'd have to move to either London or Kingston for both, and I'm not looking forward to moving away at all lol so if you have any insight on what it's like living in both those cities, that would be great. I know both are great law schools but I'm not sure exactly what type of law I want to practice yet. I'd definitely want to practice in Toronto and I'm leaning towards some type of business law, but would appreciate a general overview of what the schools are better known for in terms of the types of law they specialize in. I was focused much more on a different school so I haven't looked deeply into either of these yet. Let me know if you have anything to add! Open to everything.
  4. General, no clue what my L2 are - never calculated
  5. In this morning! cGPA 3.6, 161
  6. Wait, are you sure it's a firm accept? It just says we have until then to accept, would we not be able to provisionally accept the offer?
  7. Nope, I wasn't on the waitlist
  8. Accepted this morning! cGPA 3.6, 161
  9. Accepted this morning! cGPA 3.6, 161
  10. If I did not take any courses in Fall 2018, do I still need to request to send an updated version? I was on a co-op term.
  11. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any idea when the next large wave of acceptances will be sent out from most schools? I know it differs depending on school, but am wondering if historically there have been been any trends (like the big wave in the beginning of January). Let me know if you have any thoughts. Best of luck to everyone patiently waiting!
  12. Applied to Osgoode, Ottawa, Queens, Western, and Windsor. cGPA 3.6 and LSAT (highest) 160. Thank you!
  13. Thanks! What’s this based of? Do you think it’s worth re taking in January if I can bump my LSAT to a 163?
  14. Hi everyone, I just got back my November score and am pretty disappointed -- I was PTing around 163. I'm definitely going to be re-writing in January now. Do you think I still have a chance? I know by the time January scores are in we'll be significantly deeper into admissions and a lot of spots may have filled up. My LoRs and PS are pretty decent but nothing super crazy. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  15. Hi Ryn, Thanks for doing this! Super helpful. I’m wondering, without revealing the actual cutoffs, what constitutes as borderline? If your GPA is at the median level but your LSAT needs improvement, would that count as borderline? What if your GPA alone would not suffice but supported with a higher LSAT you’d be in? So basically, how low do you need to be for admissions to think a re write wouldn’t help your chances? Also, when do admissions officially begin going through apps? Do they typically wait post-November bc a lot of people are writing then? Thanks!
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