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  1. @jplawx Thanks! Do the schools refrain from looking at your application until the future test score is received then?
  2. Hi all, I took the June LSAT and am planning on retaking the LSAT in November. As the scores won't be received by the schools until after the application deadlines in November, what's the process to inform the schools that I've registered for and plan on taking it again, so they don't automatically reject me based on my first score and wait until November is received? Thanks!
  3. This got a bit more heated than I was expecting lol, but thank you all for your comments. Yes, my cGPA is OLSAS converted. I'll make another post once I have an official LSAT score to go off of. Thanks again, all your feedback is appreciated! Side note, how do I delete this thread now that I've started it... Does it stay here forever?
  4. Hi all, I'm currently prepping to write my LSAT this June, and am predicting that I will receive around a 162. if I receive any lower, I will retake the test in November. That being said, if I do score a 162, will that be a competitive enough score for an application to Oz? Considering my cGPA is not the best... I'm planning on applying to law schools this November. From lurking the forums, it looks like Oz had a higher average cGPA/LSAT than typically in prior years, I'm guessing because of a higher volume of applicants. Let me know what you think, just trying to prep what my next few months will look like. Thanks!
  5. p1230

    Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    Hey! Thanks for making this thread, super helpful Looking at Osgoode's website, I see that there are opportunities for exchange for second and third year students. I'm not sure how much you know about this topic, but are there any disadvantages of going on exchange for a semester during the program? Do a lot of students go? Does it get in the way of important classes/deadlines etc.? Thanks!