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  1. BobLowblawLaw

    Putting GPA on resume?

    I graduated from a dual program with one GPA showing on the transcript. Therefore, I find it useful to indicate my separate GPA for both degrees on my CV. If that is the case, I would. If not, I would just indicate Dean’s List.
  2. BobLowblawLaw

    SCC Clerkship Chances?

    Hi, I’ve been thinking about applying for a SCC clerkship next year. However, I have absolutely no idea if I would be competitive. Would love to get some feedback. Here’s a quick summary of my CV: - Fully bilingual (English/French) - JD - UOttawa, 8.1/10 GPA upper years, 7.5 overall (average first semester in 1L due mostly to not finishing exams - tendency to ramble on); - LLL - UOttawa, 8.5/10 GPA (did extra year for Civil Law); - LLM U of T; - Articled for a specialized Indigenous Law firm; - Federal Court Clerkship; - Court of Appeal Clerkship; - Research Assistant 3 years; - 5 published peer reviewed articles (mostly relating to constitutional law). Anyways, I’m just curious. Thanks in advance.
  3. BobLowblawLaw

    Clerkships 2018

    Justice Diner has hired a clerk.
  4. BobLowblawLaw

    Clerkships 2018

    @FCLawClerk Have the majority of FC clerkship offers been sent out? Thank you
  5. BobLowblawLaw

    Clerkship 2018

  6. BobLowblawLaw

    Clerkship 2018

    Do you know which FC judge your friend received a clerkship offer from by any chance ? Thanks.
  7. BobLowblawLaw

    Clerkship 2018

    No, not yet. I’ve got an interview with the FC next week.
  8. BobLowblawLaw

    Clerkships 2018

    Thanks for replying.
  9. BobLowblawLaw

    Clerkships 2018

    Have the bulk of interview offers for the FC & FCA been sent out? If not, is there a typical date by which the majority of offers have been sent out?