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  1. Any calls from the FCA today or is it done ?
  2. @solas Which FCA judge if you don’t mind sharing ?
  3. Any more news from the FCA?
  4. Can confirm Justice Gleason at the FCA as well.
  5. I graduated from a dual program with one GPA showing on the transcript. Therefore, I find it useful to indicate my separate GPA for both degrees on my CV. If that is the case, I would. If not, I would just indicate Dean’s List.
  6. Hi, I’ve been thinking about applying for a SCC clerkship next year. However, I have absolutely no idea if I would be competitive. Would love to get some feedback. Here’s a quick summary of my CV: - Fully bilingual (English/French) - JD - UOttawa, 8.1/10 GPA upper years, 7.5 overall (average first semester in 1L due mostly to not finishing exams - tendency to ramble on); - LLL - UOttawa, 8.5/10 GPA (did extra year for Civil Law); - LLM U of T; - Articled for a specialized Indigenous Law firm; - Federal Court Clerkship; - Court of Appeal Clerkship; - Research Assistant 3 years; - 5 published peer reviewed articles (mostly relating to constitutional law). Anyways, I’m just curious. Thanks in advance.
  7. Justice Diner has hired a clerk.
  8. @FCLawClerk Have the majority of FC clerkship offers been sent out? Thank you
  9. Do you know which FC judge your friend received a clerkship offer from by any chance ? Thanks.
  10. No, not yet. I’ve got an interview with the FC next week.
  11. Have the bulk of interview offers for the FC & FCA been sent out? If not, is there a typical date by which the majority of offers have been sent out?
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