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  1. Edmontonlawyer

    Average salary first year call Toronto

    I agree
  2. Edmontonlawyer

    Average salary first year call Toronto

    Might be the case with some PI lawyers who settle everything off. In my experience we are forced to litigate quite a bit to get decent enough numbers on the table.
  3. Edmontonlawyer

    Average salary first year call Toronto

    Yeah if money is all you are after. Money can vary quite substantially depending on the quality of clients. Regardless, you will likely earn more as PI lawyer unless you're a top criminal lawyer.
  4. For a small firm base salary plus commission on your receipts is quite common. If you're only paid by splitting the receipts I would be wary, especially for PI firms where you won't have money coming in for a good amount of time.
  5. Edmontonlawyer

    Apartment hunting

    Oliver and Grandin area can be sketchy at night. If you plan on going out a lot get a place on Whyte or Campus. If you plan on staying in mostly, Oliver and Grandin are fine. Commute from Oliver will be slightly longer.
  6. Edmontonlawyer

    Multiple employment offers

    Where are these firms located? First year salary isn't everything. Even if they offer you a lot of money, it may not be worth it if the firm has a terrible reputation. I would also be curious about pay structure after first year.
  7. Edmontonlawyer

    pay in gov vs pay in private firm

    Regardless of where you practice, if you do well in private practice you will earn more (possibly substantially more) than working for the government. To do well you probably need to put in more time than working a 9 to 5 job for the government.
  8. Edmontonlawyer

    Articling with Sole Practitioner

    General practice sole practitioner might hire back. If you get along with the lawyer and he has enough work available, it could work out. However, with two lawyers you will likely have to build your own client base in due time.
  9. Edmontonlawyer

    Articling with Sole Practitioner

    Agree with the other two and would add that you'll want to experience different areas of law while articling since you might end up enjoying something you didn't know you would. I ended up in a completely different area of practice after articling.
  10. Edmontonlawyer

    BC Auto Insurance Plans - Input from Ontario PI Lawyers

    My understanding was that BC is imposing a minor injury cap, not moving to a no-fault system like Sask/Manitoba. In any case, my experience with minor injury cap is that it is not a significant hurdle in Alberta. Definition of minor injury has been covered excessively in Alberta cases and it is possible to bring many injuries outside of that definition. You likely won't see huge non-pecuniary damages If the injury is defined as minor (if injury is minor why can't you work?).
  11. Edmontonlawyer

    Cons of UofA/Edmonton

    If you want to study, the weather can actually help since you won't want to go out as much. I personally don't think that the weather is much worse than other Canadian cities though.
  12. Edmontonlawyer

    Is law school fun?

    My experience was similar to Grey's except the part about feeling way smarter and more accomplished by the end of 1L.
  13. Edmontonlawyer

    Current Lawyers' Opinions Wanted

    I think your experience will vary greatly depending on whether you get into litigation or just solicitor work. Solicitor's work for me, was not much different from other office jobs with a need for extra attention to detail. Time management will be essential regardless of what work you get into. I find that time management is the most difficult/stressful part of my job. Personally, I find that litigation is more satisfying but takes some getting used to. There currently are more opportunities for litigation positions as far as I can tell. I have been working for a small firm and enjoyed my time here. Like any job, having good co-workers/principals can do wonders for your work environment. Remuneration is good, although this will vary greatly between firms/area of law.
  14. Edmontonlawyer

    Negotiating Articling Salary

    It may look bleak at first but if you find the work fulfilling keep at it. Take the chance to get your name out there and it will pay off later. In my opinion, asking if they cover bar admission fees would not affect your chances. If there isn't a huge discrepancy in terms of pay, I would choose the firm that can give you the best mentoring.
  15. Edmontonlawyer

    Negotiating Articling Salary

    Are they covering your bar admission fees? If the market for articling students are saturated in your area, you probably don't have much power to negotiate. I would at least ask about the bar admission fees. I would also consider the kind of experience you'll gain in the position. If the firm runs a relatively good practice in the area of your interest perhaps it will be worthwhile.