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  1. Rose123

    2019/2020 Ottawa Articling Recruit

    Has anyone heard from BLG?
  2. Rose123

    Calgary Articling Recruit

    Received a call from Bennett Jones yesterday (May 23)
  3. Rose123

    Uozone Last Update

    I applied to the national program since I just graduated from the civil law program. Graduated civil with 7.3 of cgpa
  4. Rose123

    Uozone Last Update

    That would make sense because I received an email this morning saying they reached a decision in my file and the latest update was yesterday. Now that being said, I can't see the decision because they are having trouble with the portal. I contacted the University and they said it would be fixed by the end of the day.
  5. Rose123

    Clerkship 2018

    Same! I'll let you know if I here anything. I think that realistically they will call next week because they have to wait for SCC offers to go out first.
  6. Rose123

    Clerkship 2018

    Been told in interview that I was supposed to hear back today but haven't heard back yet.
  7. Rose123

    Clerkship 2018

    Just wondering if he had started his interview or not. Thanks!
  8. Rose123

    Clerkship 2018

    Anyone received an interview offer from Stratas J ?
  9. Rose123

    Course aux stages 2018

    I haven't got a refusal from Osler either. I think I read you're from uOttawa too? Might be why.
  10. Rose123

    Course aux stages 2018

    Gowling sends rejection letters
  11. Rose123

    Clerkship 2018

    Any update on FC and FCA?