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    Law Students Housing! GIRLS (Dual or Single)

    Hey guys! I’m looking for a female roommate to share a modern apartment 5 min walk away from the law school and law building. Everything is included in the price: furnished, AC, Hydro, Electricity, Cable (US and CDN), Wifi, Parking, Chrome Cast I am starting my first year in the Dual JD program at Windsor and looking for a roommate, preferably a Dual law student as well. The contract will start August 1st, which is perfect for orientation! If you are interested you can call me/text me or email me!
  2. Hey guys! I am going into 1L in September (Dual Program) and I am wondering if there are any girls who haven't found a place yet and willing to share a house (Dual students or single JD). I found one place so far with three bedrooms, but I am willing to keep looking! Let me know and see you guys in September
  3. lovelaw123

    Who else is still "Under Evaluation"?

    Me too
  4. lovelaw123

    Wait List Single JD 2018

    I received an email
  5. lovelaw123

    Wait List Single JD 2018

    Just got waitlisted CCPA: 3.49 L2: 3.74 LSAT: 155
  6. lovelaw123

    Accepted 2018