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  1. Do you happen to know if Blakes sent out invitations to a reception/dinner?
  2. Yupp, I'll wait and see. Good luck with the process!
  3. Eeeeeek I'm not sure if I should reach out to them first or just wait patiently. I heard back from NRF late Jan. But I think they're sending out offers until Feb 12?
  4. I've heard back from NRF. I didn't apply to Field or McLennan. Do you know if anyone heard back from Dentons yet?
  5. Thanks so much!! Will have to give it my best shot and see where it takes me
  6. Piggybacking on what ConfusedCalgarian asked... how much time should you spend with each group of lawyers during the reception? I'm guessing the reception will be like small groups of lawyers and students mingling in each corner. I never know when to butt in and when to leave the convo, but it sounds like I should really make an effort to talk to everyone? Should I aim for maybe 15-20 mins per each small group? Thanks so much!
  7. For receptions that start around 4 or 5 and end around 7, are we going to be expected to be drinking? Is it just going around and talking to people?
  8. Thanks everyone who replied! I'm just being a little psychotic. I'll wait and see what happens!
  9. Yeah I've heard from 5 firms in Calgary, but haven't heard from those, so I was just wondering.
  10. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone heard back from Blakes, Bennett Jones, or Dentons in Calgary for 1L recruit interviews? I'm still waiting on those firms, and I guess I'm looking for some closure...
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