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  1. Rejected today, found it on SOLUS CGPA: 3.83 L2: 3.85? LSAT: 155 Glad that I finally know where I will be going in September!
  2. Declined my seat, I hope one of you get it. Best of luck to you all!!
  3. I just declined my seat. I hope it goes to someone on here, best of luck to you all!
  4. Is there a Facebook page already up for the incoming class? Is that a thing? Lol
  5. Thanks for your reply folks. Just to clarify for anyone chiming in, I applied in the general category. Good luck to all of us!
  6. Hey everyone, now that I have some choices of schools I want to know what my chances at Queen's are. I have a 3.83 CGPA from OLSAS (about a 3.85 L2 I believe) and a 155 LSAT. I know that my GPA is decent enough but Queen's states that an LSAT of less than 157 is not competitive. Do you any of you think that my GPA would be able to compensate for those two points I'm missing on the LSAT and have any of you seen a student admitted with an LSAT lower than 157? Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to this!
  7. Thanks! No I did not get any prior email. The acceptance email I received today was my only one.
  8. Accepted this morning, looks like the new batch of acceptances are on the way! CGPA: 3.98/4.33 LSAT: 155 Strong PS / Good EC's / Good References Deadline to accept is March 22 (seems a bit early to me) My decision has gotten more complicated for me after this and I'm not sure what school I'll be choosing.
  9. Yes, an email came a day later (today), which stated that a decision has been made on my application and to check uozone.
  10. Accepted yesterday via Uozone! CGPA: 3.83 (OLSAS) LSAT: 155 I'm very excited as Ottawa is high on my list!
  11. Accepted on Tuesday CGPA: 3.83/4.0 LSAT: 155
  12. A little late on this one. Accepted back on December 13th, declined the offer today. Good luck to everyone else!! CGPA (with drops): 4.25/4.5 LSAT: 155, 152
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