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  1. SavyShark

    1L Summer Opportunities and How to Get Them

    My Number 1 Tip: Start early! (prospecting and reaching out to potentials employers) I am going to be a 1L in the fall and I already have a job and SPI at a large firm for next summer in Hamilton area.
  2. SavyShark

    French Common Law J.D Acceptance 2018

    Salut tout le monde, il y a tu une page facebook pour notre groupe de common law en Français? Je sais qu'il ya une page principale. https://www.facebook.com/groups/848909388622770/?fref=nf
  3. So, recreational marijuana is on track to be legalized in Canada by July 2018. As this comes into effect, the details of who can buy it or sell it and how it will be regulated will be mostly left up to the provinces. While I do not have a personal interest in taking the course, I remain interested in uOttawa’s decision to introduce it into their curriculum. I think that it is great to see the University be proactive and taking the lead in what is an area of law with many voids to fill. As laws come to be and cases make their way into courts, it will be good to know that law graduates will have some basic knowledge and understanding of this field of law. However, when it comes to the course itself, I have a lot of questions; What is the syllabus going to look like?? Also, there is the question of if there is even enough legal material to make a meaningful course on this topic? I guess that it will depend on the approach that they are taking; if it will be criminal, civil or a blackletter law approach. My point is, that the field is so new and the laws will literally be written and setting precedence as the course unfolds in September. I'd say that 5 years from now the cannabis law courses at uOttawa will likely be different than what they will look like this fall.
  4. Canada can sign treaties but they don't take effect if they are not ratified.
  5. "For the 2018-2019 academic year, students at the University of Ottawa will be able to sign up for two courses in Cannabis Law, a first in Canada. Courses will be offered in English and French." http://media.uottawa.ca/news/first-ever-cannabis-law-courses-be-offered-uottawa What are peoples thoughts? Comments?
  6. SavyShark

    The Socratic Method​​​​​​​

    I know there is a form for 2014 about this topic but it may be outdated... Thanks, this is good information and I understand that at the end of the day, it's really just the final exam that matters.
  7. The Socratic Method: A student's worst nightmare or a simple annoyance? Hello, Bonjour, I am entering my first year (French J.D) and would like to know more about the use of the Socratic method and how vigorous can it be? If someone could enlighten me about its use, by what profs and how to prepare for it, It would be helpful! Note- If someone from the French J.D could answer that would be even better. Merci
  8. SavyShark

    The culture in Ottawa

    I would disagree with this comparison. But maybe my interpretation of it is wrong... Ottawa has upwards of 1.2 million inhabitants but is rather a "big town" than a dense city like Toronto. Even more so if you consider the entire region including Gatineau, which many refer to as the 'French side of Ottawa' but is actually across the Rideau River/ Rivière des Outaouais. I completed my undergrad at uOttawa and I can say that the city is filled with festivities at all times of the year. So, in other words, be ready to enjoy the sub-zero concerts that they hold in the downtown park for the Winterlude and to skate on the frozen canal. As for the campus, there has been a lot of construction in the past 4 years and they are still working on putting in the Light-Rail tramway system with a major stop on campus. For the rest of the questions regarding the faculty and student culture, I couldn't give you an answer. I came to find those answers for myself as I am 1L in the fall!
  9. SavyShark

    French Common Law J.D Acceptance 2018

    I got the "admitted" status on uozone (I am already a uOttawa student) and it said that I can accept the offer 2-3 days later on OLSAS once it was processed but it appeared this morning.
  10. SavyShark

    JD in French Ottawa 2018

    @Lou44 25 Janvier mais j'estime qu'ils n'ont commencé à accepter les gens qu'après la date limite (1er mars). Mon Status sur uoZone est changé de "under evaluation" à "Admitted" Veuillez-voir le forum générale pour mes stats..
  11. SavyShark

    French Common Law J.D Acceptance 2018

    En effet, tu as une grande gamme d'accomplissements! My cgpa is quite low and since uOttawa has a holistic approach, I thought I wouldn't be competitive with my 1st-year marks pulling me down. I took a 5th year semester and got 9.0 average, kind of as a way to show them that I am a capable student. I hope that this can encourage you and can show that cgpa is not everything. Ayez-courage!
  12. SavyShark

    French Common Law J.D Acceptance 2018

    Bon il me semble que la détresse de l'attente est maintenant fini pour moi. Je viens d'être admis au program de J.D en Français!! MPC: 3.44 (En Crimino et mineur en droit civil à uOttawa (Bilingue)) Lettres de Recommendations forte (une du Vice-Doyen de la faculté de droit) EC forte (?): 300 + hrs de bénévolate pendant l'université, président du UOLPS (uOttawa Pre-Law Society) etc. Déclaration personnelle assez unique: je joue sept instruments de musique et j'ai des talents culinaire et participe dans des complétition, une étant celle Iron Chef Canada, je suis dj professionel et autres..
  13. SavyShark

    JD in French Ottawa 2018

    En fait tu peux oublier mon dernier message... Je viens d'être admis!! (Je vais poster mes stats dans l'autre forum)
  14. SavyShark

    JD in French Ottawa 2018

    D'habitude c'est mi à fin Février quand ils commences à envoyer les premières lettres d'admission, mais cette année ils ont repoussé la date finale pour appliquer par 1 mois (1er mars) car dans le passé, ils n'avaient pas un nombre suffisant de candidats. Alors selon cette date, je crois que nous devrions avoir des nouvelles (au plus tôt) dans les deux semaines qui suit. Plusieurs des mes amis qui sont incrit au program de J.D en Français ont été acceptés fin mars ou avril. Ainsi, il semble normal que nous n'ayons encore rien entendu... Ayez courage!
  15. SavyShark

    French Common Law J.D Acceptance 2018

    Même chose pour moi. Mon application a été envoyée en janvier et mon statut sur uozone est "Under Evaluation"... Espérons que l'Université d'Ottawa rendra ce processus rapide et indolore!