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  1. I can speak on my experience, although anecdotal, I found my admissions process through the access category quite considerate and received my acceptance in January of the admissions cycle (2019). My cGPA was a 3.3 and L2 was a 3.55. My LSAT was low 160s. I was admitted based off my access considerations. I was accepted for the 2020 start cycle, and was even allowed to defer for this coming year (I'll be starting this September) to work abroad for a year. I know that the range of what constitutes an access claim is extremely diverse, but in my case (medical), I was required to provide some pretty comprehensive supporting documentation from numerous sources involved in my claim. I don't know if that process changed, but it was pretty lengthy last year. I would mention that although the weighting is reported to be more on the cGPA, I would argue that what comprises your statement and ECs also bears significance in the decision as well.
  2. well played! was looking for real estate in Ottawa i.e., a place to live so thanks for the reminder
  3. Accepted again from my deferral last-year! Looking forward to joining the class in 2020.
  4. Ottawa in the screening process for this damn Facebook group
  5. I have scoured the depths of the UOttawa common law sites and have yet to find any information - does anyone know if there is a minimum GPA that needs to be hit in your last semester of undergrad if you're already accepted and have accepted the offer? I.E., getting accepted to university in grade 12 and having to maintain a 75 at some schools, etc. Not out here trying to fail courses but also want to know if I need to lose sleep over getting a B or B+ in contrast to an A, etc. nice replies only ty.
  6. I'm 3.3 and L2 3.6 with 160 I got into Ottawa and really want to hear back from Queen's.
  7. I'm on the same boat as I have a job offer in Peru with an NGO for a year that I really don't want to turn down.
  8. Accepted at 7:10 am this morning cGPA: 3.32 , L2: 3.55 LSAT: 160 Access Category Superb ECs, Great LOR, and my personal statement was geared towards Ottawa. Beyond pumped as this was my number one choice!
  9. I have the same result when I click through that sequence. I wouldn't stress about it too much, I think that it'll just reflect on the main webpage.
  10. Just wanted to inquire to see if anyone has been accepted for an access route or special considerations program at this point in the cycle? There seems to be a trend in previous years admissions for later acceptances for those applying in those routes, but just wanting to quell my curiosity.
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