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  1. Thank you!! I applied January 4th along with all other Civil Law Schools and it is not my first choice. I will be decline my offer as I was accepted at UdeM. I am currently waiting for McGill Law Faculty's answer, but I my primary option for now is UdeM. Best of luck to you!
  2. Hey everyone, I got accepted this Friday to Ottawa Civil Law School with a 3.51/4.00. I'm in my last semester of my degree in economics at McGill. 78 of 90 credits completed Good luck to anyone else waiting!
  3. I have no idea to be honest...If you got admitted you will for sure be notified in the upcoming months. I on the other side was admitted this year with a 3.51/4.00 from McGill, but I doubt it's high enough for any entrance award. Good luck
  4. Yeah when you have over 34 R Score you automatically get one, you can check the on UdeM's law site. I don't know what they count as the equivalent for University students (other candidates).
  5. Félicitations! C'est quoi ton GPA par curiosité?
  6. I have a $300 account to pay also!!! It means we are in!! I only applied to that program at UdeM also. What is your GPA and background? Congrats!!!
  7. Hey everyone, Based on last year's thread the first people posted they got an answer on February 23rd from UdeM...I think most applicants from reading through the old posts got an answer in March-April, but they might start as of next week hopefully. Let's not forget that I a lot of people might not write here when they get accepted so we never know exactly who's first to get in.. Best of luck to all,
  8. Hi, It though to answer precisely to your answer without knowing about your educational background...so here is my best shot... 1) If you are from CEGEP you need to do the full civil law LLB program of 3 years at UdeM and after completion you may do a one year JD (Juris Doctor = Common Law) program (32 credits) that makes you eligible to write the bar in the state of New York or other Canadian provinces. Nowadays, most civil law schools have either the option of doing a one-year program after your LLB in a Common Law school in Canada to get a JD or some such as UdeM or Sherbrooke offer it on their respective campuses. 2) If you come with a completed undergraduate university degree you may do at UdeM kind of a fast track combined program where you can obtain both an LLB & JD in three years. Basically you do all your core credits in the two first years and then your last year is 100% Common Law classes in English at UdeM. Obviously, this program seems to be more intensive and forces you to take summer classes if you wish to complete everything is 3 years. You can find more info here: http://droit.umontreal.ca/fileadmin/droit/documents/PDF/programmes_combines/LLB_JD_etudessuperieures.pdf There is also other criteria that UdeM takes into consideration, however this is a summery from my own understanding. However to answer your question, I cannot say per say depending on what you applied, yet I guess you applied to the civil LLB program. You need already to be into law school (2nd year) to apply to the Common Law JD program with a min of 2.7/4.3 to get in if you have a previous degree. If not once you graduate law school (LLB) you can do the one year program separately offered both full and part-time.
  9. Hey, Thank you for the info! I will be graduating in April 2018 so before getting into Law. The application deadline for university candidates was yesterday, so in the next month I hope to have an answer. Do you remember around what time you got your answer back? Honestly, it's hard to say if UdeM has gotten less strict for their law admissions...maybe for university candidates, but I know for CEGEP the R-Score is still high and last year it was higher then the previous years according to their website. It's possible they are trying to get more university candidate over CEGEP students. Although, I have no idea how they convert a GPA into an R-Score or how their ranking works...plus us from McGill use a different scale (4.00 instead of 4.3).
  10. Hi, I’ll be finishing this April at McGill (Bachelor of Arts-Major in Economy) and my GPA is 3.51/4 (78 credits completed from 90). Can anyone comment on my chances on getting in? Thank you very much!
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