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  1. From what I understood from the big firms during the firm tours and interviews was that they weren't looking for any particular kind of experience during your 1L summer. They were mainly looking for a job that displayed some transferable skills to the legal profession, this could obviously be a range of things. I had friends that backpacked for the summer or planted trees, and just had an interesting story to tell. Don't worry too much about landing this amazing law-related job during your 1L summer, because it's pretty unlikely given the slim pickings available to us in the Vancouver market. That being said, the co-op program was amazing for giving you some legal exposure in a variety of different fields. For example DOJ had postings in various divisions (tax law, indigenous law, etc.), there were policy positions available at the MAG in Victoria I believe in different areas of law, and there were also many public interest positions such as the MS Society or Disability Alliance that primarily dealt with interviewing and assisting clients in accessing benefits. The co-op program is pretty popular as you can imagine so a good chunk of my class was enrolled in it, but there are also a lot of postings that go up during the year, so a lot of us ended up securing a job! What helped me personally secure a big law job was probably hearing as many perspectives I could from upper year students about the whole process - it's honestly one of the weirdest things ever and unlike what you would expect in a normal interview, so all of that insight allowed me to mentally prepare a lot! But it's also something I would not even begin thinking about until around the time you have to start working on your applications in late 1L summer. If you have any more questions or more specific ones relating to my experiences at UVic, please feel free to PM me! Any law school you attend is going to be a pressure cooker, but UVic's been really great because there's a strong presence of collegiality (you'll hear this time and time again haha but I swear it's true) and there isn't this fierce competitive environment that I was expecting in a law school. I think it helps that there isn't a clear big law vision here, so everyone is kind of on their own path and vying for different things.
  2. I'm a 2L at UVic who recently went through the Vancouver OCI recruitment, secured a job and did not feel any disadvantage whatsoever being from UVic. All of the big firms travel to Victoria for the OCIs, and during my first year I remember a number of info sessions at lunch or networking events on the odd evening with the big firms. I'm sure that you might get more exposure to these big firms if you're at UBC, but I really did not find it to be a hurdle during the OCI recruitment. The most my peers and I struggled with was figuring out accommodations for in-firm week (for those who were not from Vancouver), but we all received a decent number of interviews and offers. There didn't really seem to be any differential treatment, though I got asked a lot why I chose to go to UVic (probably because it's not as big law focussed as UBC is). For what it's worth I had a high B+ average, but plenty of my friends had Cs on their transcripts and did just fine, so I wouldn't worry too much about grades as long as you're in the mid-B range - this is all anecdotal information of course so take it with a grain of salt!
  3. I went through the same dilemma this past week in Vancouver. I ultimately chose the regional firm because I was really impressed by the people I interacted with. The other national firm had great lawyers and I had many positive interactions with them as well, but I just felt a sense of ease and easygoingness with the lawyers at the regional firm that I didn't necessarily get at the national firm. I understand that I only got such a small sample size of lawyers over 3 days, but I knew the work would be great at either firm so I ultimately went with where I felt better connected to the people at the firm. (So hard to discern this though, I guess you just have to go with your gut at the end of the day)
  4. Where will you be attending?
  5. I was holding onto a spot for awhile, but I have just officially declined the offer as I will be accepting at UVIC! Good luck to everyone waiting to hear back
  6. Yay congrats to the both of us! I expected the wait to be much longer 😂
  7. I was #1 on the waitlist and just received an offer to UVIC! So excited
  8. In the e-mail they say we will be informed of our waitlist position by the end of May
  9. Waitlisted on May 1st. CGPA: 3.57 LSAT: 161
  10. I have identical stats which likely means I'm wait-listed too! Good luck to us haha.
  11. Hahaha that sounds awesome, it'll be the last summer of freedom for awhile for us
  12. LOL this is definitely helping me shake the assumptions I have about 1L, where everyone aside from me is somehow a legal expert already.
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