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  1. That means a lot, I really appreciate your kind comment! I was just curious and hoping to gather some information- not exactly prepared for what this post turned into... Nevertheless, thank you everyone for the insight!
  2. Yes, I am interested to know what steps to take to set one's self up as a sole practitioner while also looking for other opportunities at firms. How can I learn more about incorporating my own practice? Thank you for the response!!
  3. Hi All, I noticed on linkedin that many legal professionals fill in gaps in their resume by indicating that they are operating as a sole practitioner under a professional corporation in their name. How does this work? I would really appreciate hearing from those who have experience with this!
  4. The practice groups I was interested in did not hire. It seems most private sector firms have a hiring freeze if not on their way to lay off people as we speak. What should I do? Recommendations for filling the gap in my resume?
  5. @healthlaw thank you so much for your tips, I really appreciate it!
  6. Hello friends! I start my articling next week and I am so so nervous for what to expect. For those of you who have gone through the experience of working at a large national firm, what am I in for? What are the hours like? Did you get yelled at? Did you ever enjoy it? After how much time into the articling period did you feel the exhaustion/burn-out? Was there drama between the students? Is how you dress important?
  7. Ugh anyone else having horrible thoughts thinking they failed the barrister? When do the results come out, and are there any tell-tale signs to know whether you failed? What are some speculations about the passing rate/grade?
  8. Hello, As an anxious student preparing for the Bar exam, I was wondering if I could rely on the kindness of strangers here and ask whether any of you would be willing to share old practice Bar exam questions. I would so appreciate your help!
  9. Would love to hear your advice. 1) How to ensure hireback? What are good strategies? 2) What is the hireback application process like? Interviews and cover letters involved? 3) When do students typically find out that they will be hired back?
  10. Hello, Could you nice folks please share your experience with debt repayment. I am currently taking OSAP and have a line of credit. With one more year of law to go I am starting to think about paying back this debt. How did you manage this repayment process? Do banks offer a line of credit through articling? Did you use your line of credit to first pay off osap? Any tips would be so appreciated Have a lovely day!
  11. Wondering what is your opinion on managing/the benefits of a 3L part time job, and types of jobs you recommend during 3L
  12. Is it bad if your interviewers don't respond to thank you letters?
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