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  1. I found out that I wasn’t admitted through the IB&M, she said they would put my application in the regular pool to be reassessed. I think not hearing at this point is a good sign. Good luck everyone!
  2. How did they contact you to let you know that you were accepted??
  3. I got a call for an interview to, i was advised they are basic questions, why i want to go to law school? What type of law am i interested in? A few basic ethical what would you do questions, and specific questions about my application and personal statement.
  4. Has anyone had any interviews scheduled yet?
  5. I have the lower end of the LSAT score (I wrote it twice and can't seem to quite get it) - I have an undergrad with a low GPA (I think C+ average) l, but i also went to College (Paralegal) and got a 4.3 GPA. I believe i have a strong personal statement and strong references,. I've applied to the IB&M Program, my question is what is too low of a LSAT score to apply? Or does it matter? I heard they put more weight on your personal statement, is that true?