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  1. UPDATE: FOUND AN ARTICLING POSITION! I have finally received an offer for an articling position! It is from a small law firm that practices mostly real estate law along with some business law. Real estate law is not one of primary areas of interest but the lawyers seem very pleasant to work with and it seemed like a great opportunity, given my circumstances, so I accepted it. I know many others on this forum disagree with my reasons to article or do the LPP but I thought I would post an update here so that anyone else who has been searching for an articling position for a long time and feel like they have no hope can see that there is always a chance. If someone like me, who has made so many stupid mistakes with regards to articling and post-law school decisions, can find one, then so can you! Hang in there! Also, I am so f****** happy right now.
  2. Thank you all for your advice, and my apologies for not replying sooner. I have been busy with travelling back and forth for a few articling interviews (still no offers). IP is what I'm most interested in but I'm definitely applying to pretty much every position out there. I understand that the chances of getting into IP is very low given my background but there's no harm in applying. I think NYCLawyer summed up my reasons for choosing law school well, and I agree with everyone that it was not a smart decision. I was foolish but I still don't think I regret going to law school. It was a great experience and I developed useful soft skills. Besides, the tuition fees were very low in Quebec and I had almost no debt when I graduated. After much thought, I have decided that, for better or worse, I am going to give myself one more year to get called to the bar before I change careers. My plan is to continue applying to every articling position in GTA/Ottawa for the next three to four months, and if I'm still unsuccessful, I am going to register for the LPP at the end of May and take that route. Whether I secure a work placement and get called to the bar or not, I plan to go back to university in Fall 2019 to pursue a second undergraduate degree. I know that's not necessary for a career change, but this time I am sure it's what I want. I want a do-over. I want to study hard, get good grades, and have a transcript and a job that I am proud of. Because right now, I feel useless and incompetent, and I think this is the best thing I can do for me to change that, even if it costs time and money. Once again, thank you all for the help. I was at a particularly low point when I started this thread and it was nice to get some outside perspective while being anonymous.
  3. It's been almost 1.5 years since I graduated from law school and I have not secured an articling position yet. I completed my studies in Quebec but I did my LSUC (now LSO) licensing examinations, and I am looking for a position in GTA or Ottawa. I am wondering if now is a good time to give up and consider a career change? Here's a little about me. I went to law school straight from CEGEP so I never did any other undergraduate degree. Growing up, law school was never on my mind, and I think if I'm being honest, I only studied law because I was surprised I got accepted and didn't wasn't to waste the opportunity. My grades were excellent in CEGEP, probably because I was studying something I was truly interested in, but not so much in law school. I only started looking for an articling position after graduation and I have had a few interviews but no offers yet. I started off by applying to only firms I was very interested in but recently I have been applying to pretty much any posting I see online. This hasn't made any difference either. I always knew I didn't wanted to pursue law as a long-term career. My original plan was that I would work for a few years as a lawyer and then either go back to school or switch to another career. Now I just want to find an articling position. I'm a much more quantitative person and what I have always been interested in is finance and computer science. The deadlines for applying to university for Fall 2018 is coming soon and I am very tempted to apply, but at the same time I know I would regret it forever if I quit without getting called to the bar first. At the same time, I don't want to keep stalling my dream of studying something I am passionate about. If I applied now, I would be starting my second undergraduate degree at the age of 24 which I guess is still not too bad. I wouldn't make the same mistakes I made in law school, and hopefully 3-4 years from now I would have a great job. Perhaps I don't have much credibility regarding academic performance at this point, but I'm confident I will do very well if I choose to study finance or computer science. I guess I could try to find a part-time articling position while studying next year but the chances of that are probably worse than finding a full-time position now. As for the LPP, I gave into the apparent stigma and decided to keep trying to find an articling position instead. By the time I realized that was a bad decision (August 2017), it was too late to enroll in the LPP for 2017. If I don't find an articling position soon and I don't start a second undergraduate degree in Fall 2018, then my final option is to do the LPP this year. But I don't know if I would have any chance at getting a placement afterwards, since placements aren't guaranteed (from what I understand) and it would have been more than 2 years since I graduated by then. I know I messed up in many ways, including going to law school when I wasn't really interested in it, so I expect to get some heat for it on this forum. But I'd appreciate it if I could also get some useful advice. Should I give up on law and go back to school in Fall 2018? Should I stick with finding an articling position or starting LPP? Finally, is it possible to do the LPP part-time (second undergrad and LPP at the same time)? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I should add that my primary interest in law is IP. It was my best course and I have quite a few IP-related experiences to show for on my CV. However, IP positions are hard to find at this point. I am also interested in corporate law and, to a lesser extent, criminal law.
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