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  1. Lawschoolia2018

    Usask transfer after 1L

    Great! Thank you
  2. Lawschoolia2018

    Usask transfer after 1L

    will do! Thanks :))
  3. Lawschoolia2018

    Usask transfer after 1L

    Thanks! do you know if its 'cuz not many people wanna transfer or not enough space to transfer?
  4. Lawschoolia2018

    Usask transfer after 1L

    Hey any updates??
  5. Lawschoolia2018

    Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    how difficult is it to get a B or above in all classes in the dual JD program ? I know this is an ambiguous question but just as trying to get an A will be very tough, how hard is the B range? Also in our first year everyone keeps telling us that we'll learn to write law school exams, can you please elaborate what they mean by that. are the midterms and finals really bad??
  6. Lawschoolia2018

    Usask transfer after 1L

    could you also let me know how many spots they have for transfer students and if they were able to fill all of them. This is taking into consideration that my grades will be spread from B- to A-. Thank u soo much. appreciate it !!!!
  7. Lawschoolia2018

    Usask transfer after 1L

    Just wondering if anyone knows how many students approximately transfer to USask every year for 2L? Also what sort of grades put you in a safe place? So if class average is a B and you’re lingering around a B+ is that good enough? Thanks!!
  8. Lawschoolia2018

    transfer question

    already started but some things have come up that are making the move necessary so just getting some insight
  9. Lawschoolia2018

    transfer question

    anyone that has successfully transferred from Windsor dual program to another Canadian law school, could you please shine some light on how you submitted your grades? did you also submit transcripts from the American school? also, how did you compensate for torts since other schools are required to take that in their first year but the dual program doesn't. thanks
  10. just PM'd you about this
  11. I Think you need to go back to preschool days where they teach u basic manners and consideration. I also think a calculator like "that one" is of no use to me since I didn't even mention the interest rate in my post which is what my question essentially revolves around. Even if I hadnt gotten through high school , it's a shame you'd be talking to someone like that. maybe I have a disability. If you can't answer my question which you still didn't in your post, don't quote me in a thread and waste my time.
  12. I honestly have no idea about the scotia bank student plan for Windsor dual JD students. If I get a LOC of 150,000 and let's say I use 50,000 in my first year how much interest will I be chargered over the three years on that? Since I can't pay that until I'm done?
  13. Hey quick question ! could you please pm me?
  14. Lawschoolia2018

    Law Students Housing! GIRLS (Dual or Single)

    Hey I just got accepted too. Pm me if you're still looking for roomies:)
  15. Lawschoolia2018

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    Same here!! Does it mean we got accepted?? Nervous and unsure!!