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  1. hey can you let me know what the index is, and where to find it? Is that what we create or buy somewhere? I just got my materials
  2. I interviewed with KPMG almost 2 weeks ago and still havent heard anything. am I panicking too early? feeling quite hopeless at this point. also, has anyone else heard anything
  3. no regret emails or calls but we should hear something within the next 20 minutes as per their website
  4. honestly, dont look too much into it. maybe the confirmation is a rejection , im really seeing it as "hey we're not contacting you further so heads up, dont call us asking. thanks for ur interest" lol and the people that they're gunna contact just receive a straight up invite rather than a confirmation. this process really is messed up
  5. All I received was a confirmation saying only those candidates granted interviews will be contacted. submitted on Friday, confirmation monday.
  6. When did you submit ur application and when did they call you if you dont mind me asking?
  7. what the actual... thats quite disrespectful.. "loser", really? he fought for India's independence, liberated them from 200 years of slavery. he was a veteran. disrespecting him is like saying "who gives a shit about a poppy on remembrance day" Veterens of all countries need to be respected. basic decency. come on.
  8. well that's kind of disheartening to hear, I submitted mine on Friday and haven't heard anything back. is that indicative of a no ?
  9. hey, for oci's if your grades aren't the best, a transfer won't be the reason for you not getting any. I know transfer students who received at least 10 oci's and some that received none. im assuming here you're talking toronto oci's. to be safe: hit the top 10% or close to it at least and write compelling cover letters and you'll be fine. Employers understand life happens and that u may need to transfer for whatever reason. I didn't get asked about my transfer in a single interview.
  10. so is it too late to hear anything back now ? Mathew dinsdale anyone?
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