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  1. Looking for summaries for 1L following Professors/courses: Constitutional - Keyes Property - Cameron Legal Foundations - Mallett If you or anyone you know can be of any assistance, this would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Has anyone had any experience volunteering with Pro Bono Students Canada? If so, what position and how was your experience? Also curious as to whether the time commitment was worth it, especially given the heavy workload in 1L.
  3. As enrolment day approaches, I'm sure most of us have been browsing through potential small blocks as well as thematics. My question to current and former students is this: which first-year thematics have received the most positive feedback among you and your peers?
  4. For those of us who've accepted our offers, paid the deposit, and joined the Facebook group, what is our next step? As I understand, enrolment takes place on June 20 at 10 am. Is this the next thing to take care of? Am I missing anything? Is uOttawa going to be contacting us about the enrolment process? Furthermore, has anyone activated their uottawa.ca student email? SO MANY QUESTIONS
  5. As I understand, grades in law school are determined mostly by exams and essays. As someone who prefers this grading structure above one allocating large percentages of a grade to group projects, I'm hoping someone can confirm my understanding.
  6. Would someone currently attending/recently graduated be willing to do an updated list for Ottawa?
  7. Ottawa is the only school I can't find tuition figures for. Am I missing something here? This link (https://www.uottawa.ca/university-fees/) doesn't seem to provide figures for the JD program. I've gone ahead and emailed them, but if anyone is aware of where tuition is posted publicly, I would appreciate it.
  8. Is that so? Common practice among students living in the Golden Triangle? And thanks for the rest of the information! I definitely want to be able to walk to school but if it's a few minutes longer to live in a less "student ghetto-y" neighbourhood I don't mind. With that being said, is Sandy Hill "student ghetto-y" enough to try to avoid altogether?
  9. Not yet. I plan on visiting in the next month or so
  10. My status still says "pending review" on the Windsor portal! I received my acceptance letter via email. I'm assuming the portal will update in due time.
  11. Got the email just now! cGPA: 3.9 LSAT: 159 Also received acceptances from Ottawa, Queen's, and Osgoode. No idea where I'm going.
  12. Can anyone provide insight on the living experience in these areas? I've done a fair bit of my own research, but would love to hear from someone who is attending (or attended) uOttawa Law.
  13. Has anyone lived downtown while attending Osgoode? If I accept my offer, I'm hesitant to live in the area surrounding the school. I get that it's a bit of a hike from downtown, but is the difference in living experiences (ie. entertainment, restaurants, etc.) worth setting up shop downtown and not near York?
  14. Accepted this morning! cGPA: 3.9 LSAT: 159 Also received acceptances from Ottawa and Queen's.
  15. This is a question that keeps coming up from relatives and friends now that I've received some acceptances. I never quite know how to answer this question, because the truth is: I don't know. I just know that I love school, and I find legal concepts fascinating. I'm hoping I'll learn what I enjoy most/ what I'm good at throughout law school, but there's definitely some insecurity about not being able to give people a concrete answer when they ask. Does anyone else feel this way? And does anyone feel as though they know exactly what type of law they'd like to practice?
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