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  1. emasrbmk

    personal statements

    For the question regarding skills or interests developed outside of university/work , I had originally planned on discussing time management skills (and did submit my application for windsor last year with that statement) but now I am thinking if I should discuss that I am multi-lingual.. The languages I know (Serbo-croatian, macedonian, some russian) I realize are not as valuable to know as French in Canada, but I guess it is still valuable to be multi-lingual and fluent in 3 languages rather than just 1, especially in areas like immigration law? would love to hear if anyone thinks Windsor would like this?
  2. emasrbmk

    Windsor and Switiching Law Schools

    I was also wondering this. On the U of T website it said they consider LSAT still.
  3. Hey all, with regards to the sketch descriptions, are we supposed to just state what the position (for work) or what the extracurricular activity was or are we expected to add as much detail about our duties or what we did as possible in the sketch?
  4. emasrbmk

    Transcript Request

    No they do not consider Ontario transcripts late as long as your application is submitted by Nov 1 from what I understand. I think this is more for the other universities if you are sending a transcript from them.
  5. emasrbmk

    transcripts by Nov 1

    I have requested a transcript to be sent from a BC institution. It will be sent tomorrow, by regular canada post mail.. which means it should arrive within 4 days or MAX a week. I know there is a canada post strike looming, would OLSAS be in consideration of any late transcripts received after nov 1 if a strike starts and it delays the arrival?
  6. Thanks ! Do you think I should mention the amount or just that it was given to me ?
  7. hey all, I was writing my sketch for OLSAS and was wondering if I should include the large grant I recieved last year from my college at U of T. Or is this irrelevant to include? I know that grades were a consideration in selecting who got the grant
  8. emasrbmk


    Best lsat 156, b2 .3.7 , cGPA 3.51 ish. What are my chances?
  9. emasrbmk

    Chances ?

    cGPA 3.51 ish ( OLSAS) , LSAT: Nov 2017 150, Feb 2018 156, Sept 2018 153... What are my chances?
  10. emasrbmk

    I messed up

    It is not averaged! Called and asked after seeing this post ☺️
  11. emasrbmk

    Chances [3.5, 156]

    How about for Windsor with those stats and no retake, highest 156
  12. emasrbmk

    Chances [3.5, 156]

    I think they are: best 2: 3.8 and 3.6 ish, Last 2: 3.46 and 3.16, and best 3: 3.8, 3.46 and 3.6 Windsor is the only school I am currently considering applying to, but it is obviously not my first pick.. I would have liked to go to Western or Queens
  13. emasrbmk


    Wow thank you so much for that clarification. I was really dreading having to re-write them, had a hard enough time thinking of what to say in the first place hahah. Take care
  14. emasrbmk

    Average LSAT or Best score?

    Thanks for clarifying. I saw a post on the board yesterday saying that Windsor averages and I am so glad that they do not.
  15. emasrbmk


    Hi everyone, I am reapplying to Windsor this cycle (and maybe a few more if I decide on a retake). I did apply last year but got rejected after being on the waitlist, too low of an LSAT score which has since improved. However, I was wondering, would I need to change a whole lot in my personal statements? I have anything new since I wrote the ones for last cycle other than graduate and start working at a new job (retail so, generally unimportant I guess). I just don't know if it looks bad to recycle the same story from the first personal statements?