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  1. Sept 2018: $1130, all utilities included, in Dunbar area. Basement suite (the whole unit is 900sq ft, my room is about 200-250?). I share with one other person (it was advertised as a 2 bedroom for 2260). Commute from my door to the door of the building my class is in at UBC is about 45 minutes if I leave before 8am, 60 if I leave around 8:20 (rush hour).
  2. I got accepted majoring in Philosophy and Psychology. But honestly, I'm with almost everyone else here- do what you think you can get high marks in and have fun. I will say though, philosophy helped me A LOT with my LSAT. I didn't really study/prep for the LSAT (I only had a week, and realistically spent maybe 3 days out of the 7), but still managed a 163. If you end up in Philosophy, take logic and epistemology courses, they go a long way in helping with logic games. Plus writing in philosophy helps with the analytical reasoning section.
  3. Hey guys! I'm reasonably sure I can't make it to orientation. Any 2L or 3Ls that also didn't attend orientation? It is stated as mandatory, I was wondering if it made a lot of difference to your experience. Would I miss a lot if I didn't come? P.S. Anyone also not attending this year's orientation?
  4. Letters of rec sent last week, got an offer this morning! LSAT 163, cGPA 3.9/4.3, L2 GPA 4.1/4.3. Probably very good LORs (I had amazing profs), so so Personal Statement, my EC was garbage and near nonexistent.
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