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  1. Hey Stroodel22, It's nice to know there are people in the same boat, looking forward to meeting you guys too!
  2. Thanks for the info, I guess August is a better time to worry about these things.
  3. Hello everyone, I am a new student going to Windsor at the end o August moving there from very very far away. After the offer, my email was very quiet, does anyone know when I should prepare for things like housing, course enrollment, and other stuff. For housing, the information I know that Kijiji ads are mostly for June and the student dorms are very expensive, anyone has a suggestion on where/when to start? Thanks,
  4. LR was bought new, RC and Game were bought from others
  5. yeah, I agree with you, general improvement will definitely help a lot, thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, I just got an offer for a law school I hoped to get into. Now I am panicking because English is never the subject I am good at. I would like to utilize the summer to take some language courses especially in writing, would anyone have suggestions on what should I take and learn? Any input is appreciated. Thanks,
  7. Thanks for the advise I did notice the names were a bit currie and English a bit weird. The second time through a test is quite interesting, especially the LR questions, I literally remember the trap that I fell into and avoid it the next time providing unrealistic confidence. I literally fell ten points yesterday when I did a new one, back to where I started with.
  8. Thanks for the advise, my GPA is extremely low so I need a very high score on the LSAT, and will do what I can to improve.
  9. I'm running out of Practice Tests, and didn't have a reliable way to diagnostic my improvement, so I tried a LSAT india test and bombed it got minus 20ish. are they indicative of my current position? I heard they are easier and got discouraged from this so much. Thanks,
  10. Hi, My reference is not going to arrive on time, should I still apply anyways? Would they take the references that arrive late?
  11. Hi, I found that U Windsor website states that the 2 reference letters are due by Nov 1, where usually schools accept them later does anyone know if they accept the letter later?
  12. haha I bet if that smell works, I wouldn't need to do it my self
  13. If I brought lets say mosquito repel would they disqualify my test score? or just let me throw it outside of the room?
  14. haha I like to have some sharp smells during the test keeps me awake during the boring reading passages. I guess lemon/vinegar works too except they're just not allowable.
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