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  1. I'll be attending too! On the RSVP website it says "Business Attire is suggested"
  2. Waitlisted today LSAT 157, GPA 3.7, Masters student Initially thought this was good but after reading this thread, I'm definitely confused lol.. anyone want to share why this might not be great or why it's good?
  3. this is the only component listed for me. I also received the two emails they have sent out thanking me for applying and such which makes me think the application went through otherwise I wouldn't have received those emails.. right?
  4. does one of the references have to be non academic?
  5. When I logged into the Windsor site it says my application is incomplete and in the "To Do List" section it has "Non Academic Reference" and "Initiated". On OLSAS I had submitted two reference letters so I'm not sure why it says this on the Windsor site. If anyone might know why it would say this if on OLSAS I had two references please let me know! Thanks
  6. @Luckycharm thanks for the estimates, I guess only time will tell!
  7. @Thebebebennies I was hoping a masters might help because I did apply to U of T even though my stats but oh well! @Luckycharm I applied to Queens, Ottawa, Lakehead, U of T and Windsor. My stats aren't great so I was hoping a Masters would help a bit
  8. Hi all, I was just wondering what benefit applying while in the midst of completing a Masters degree will have on my chances of getting in to law school? Do schools look at people completing a masters more favourably or very similarly to those applying from undergrad? I applied in my last year of undergrad with a 151 lsat and 3.7 GPA. This year I am applying with a 157 LSAT while completing my masters. Any input is appreciated!
  9. Got in today as well, will be declining as I got into a Masters program. I'll be trying again next year for TRU! LSAT: 151 overall GPA: 3.3 was told I was about 15th on the waitlist last week if I remember correctly and was originally told I'd hear back May/June. Good luck to everyone else
  10. Congrats to you guys! I was told I'd hear back end of May/ early June as well, do you think there is still a chance that would happen or has the 'end of May/ early June' boat sailed?
  11. There are definitely different versions of the waitlist confirmation email. Mine said May/ June and others have posted saying theirs said June/ July.
  12. End of May/ beginning of June Is anyone sure that the earlier one expects to hear back, the higher one is on the waitlist? I get its all just conjecture but what would be your best guess?
  13. GPA: 3.7 LSAT: 151 not surprised either. I didn't know what I was getting into with the LSAT and only decided to apply pretty late. Maybe I'll try again next year. Good luck to everyone else!
  14. Thank you! So it says to also submit high school transcripts. Just wanted to make sure that's true because no other universities have requested a high school transcript.
  15. I was hoping someone could help me clarify some things with the application process to TRU. I am applying from Ontario and completed the application on educationplannerbc. It did not ask for my transcripts and I was wondering how to send it to TRU / if I have to. Any advice would be very helpful!
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