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  1. I always hear that you need a B+ average to transfer yet I am uncertain which schools they came from in the first place. I think that being at least 1 grade higher than the average would be required (i.e. School scales to B- so you need at least a B). I doubt they would accept people who are just average unless extenuating circumstances.
  2. @whatislaw Well people normally say you need at least a B+ average but that is really dependent on what school you went to. For example, UBC scales to B+ so having a B+ is average compared to schools like UoA which can scale to B-. So I would say the GPA requirement is dependent on your law school scaling. Not much we can do right now but pray.
  3. I also submitted an application with a B+ avg from UoA (we scale to B- to B) and hoping to get in. I don't have very strong compassionate grounds as it's just that everyone in my family is here. My LSAT score was 154 so that will most likely be why I won't get in. Good luck to you OP.
  4. Based on what their website stated, the factors considered are; 1. originally could of entered UBC (i.e. undegrad grades and LSAT score) 2. First year marks 3. compelling reason (i.e. your current situation with your mother being ill) Good luck to you and hope your mother will get better
  5. Got accepted yesterday L2: 4.0 (but im not finished 4th year so if 2nd year is included then; CGPA: 83% or 3.7ish) LSAT: 153 only write Good luck to everyone else
  6. Is it possible to receive full tuition scholarships to UBC law? If it is, what GPA/LSAT score are required to be considered?
  7. I don't understand what they define as academic session. Is an academic session both winter and fall term or just one term? From the pdf you posted, it seems like they are defining it as both.
  8. I'm currently in still finishing my 4th year. My 3rd year and fall term 4th year would total 45 credits. Do I add in my entire 2nd year courses for the missing 15 credits or just my summer and winter term to a total of 63 credits?
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