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  1. I took French classes at UQAM for a semester. I think it helps to be around Francophones and others who don't know English because you are forced to speak French. You can apply as an independent student (étudiant libre) and take courses during the summer under this program: https://etudier.uqam.ca/programme?code=4650#bloc_presentation I would definitely recommend this program. You'll get to extensively work on your writing, grammar, and speaking skills. You have to pass an exam,which isn't particularly hard, to be admitted.
  2. Good luck and I hope you receive some good news soon! I know how painful it is to wait :/ I almost gave up hope but I guess McGill appreciates diverse experiences and looks at the applicant in a holistic manner.
  3. thank you ! it’s 4 for both the BA and the MA
  4. Is there a facebook group for the accepted class of 2018 btw? Thanks and see you next year!
  5. yes, of course! I did not expect it because of my LSAT (148, 153) GPA: 3.80, Master's GPA: 3.80 I have lived in many countries, I speak 4 languages, have a Master's degree. Worked with refugees, international organizations, worked as a tutor, etc... I grew up in an unstable country and was able to overcome financial and educational obstacles. Very strong Ec's basically and LOR's.
  6. Just got in today! Received an email and accepted the offer!
  7. In queue as of a few days ago LSAT: 148,153 cGPA: 3.80 Strong Lor's and Ec's
  8. Hi everyone, I am wondering if I stand a chance of getting in somewhere given my LSAT score. I applied to Ottawa, McGill and Osgoode. Strong LOR, EC, and PS, worked with refugees and international organizations, have an MA (3.80), recent immigrant, year abroad (grades from that year are around 3.75, some A's and B's). Anyone knows if these schools consider the grades from the year abroad? What about graduate school grades? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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