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  1. For those wondering, the LSO just posted on their LinkedIn page that those licensed each week will be notified over the weekend.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has received an email from the LSO today saying that they have been called. I want to know if I should give up hope until next Friday or not 😂 Congrats to anyone who has been called!
  3. Passed both. I honestly feel like I won a weird lottery. It is impossible to know how to prepare for this exam and each of us prays what we did will suffice. My heart goes out to anyone who failed one or both of the exams. I know you must feel demoralized and defeated right now, but you shouldn't. You are way ahead in preparing to write it again, and LSO reports that 95% of people pass both within 3 sittings. You got this and we're all cheering you on <3.
  4. Yah very glad I took real estate. Wouldn't say it's a huge advantage tho. I don't even understand some of the business stuff. Is anyone practicing calculations?
  5. RANT: I'm terrified for the solicitor exam. I thought the bar was the easier of the two and I'm really unsure if I passed or failed that one. I haven't taken solicitor-type courses other than business organizations, employment, and real estate, so I don't have any of the foundational knowledge I relied on to answer questions in the bar. I don't know how I'll keep the required pace for the solicitors exam. /RANT.
  6. If it makes you feel any better, a friend of mine wrote it a few years ago and felt so terrible about it that she cried. Turns out she passed. I don't think anyone felt very good leaving the exam; yet, most pass. I know this doesn't answer your questions, but try to not get in your head about it too much -- as hard as that is to avoid that. You might be making yourself sick over nothing, when you should be using this time to prep for solicitors (if you're writing this month). You've learned what you need to do to excel on the next one, and that's an important lesson whether you passed or failed the bar. Good luck on solicitor if you're writing soon!
  7. Thought I'd start a space to talk about the Ontario Licensing Exams this year. How is everyone feeling?
  8. I tried that... they said they aren't lawyers and don't provide the interpretation of questions or words... we have to figure it out on our own.
  9. Hi everyone, Completing the good character requirement in the lawyer licensing process. I'm wondering if anyone knows what is included in question 13's "penalties or sanctions" given that "found guilty or convicted" is covered in question 1. Does anyone know or can anyone point me to resources or a document defining the terms in this context? Thanks so much!
  10. Do most firms pay bar licensing fees if you summer and article there?
  11. I wouldn't say "waaaay" cheaper. The market it smaller. Also, the hours aren't as long as cities like, say, Toronto.
  12. Is this true even for those OCI firms that are not listed on NALP, or is that where you took your information i.e. omitting some firms?
  13. I know people who got an offer from these firms and accepted
  14. For one firm I've been interviewing with, none of my interviewers have responded to my thank-you letters and yet I've had 4 interviews there... so I'm gonna say no...but it could totally depend on the person I guess...
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