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  1. Question: When is the best time of the year to go shopping for business wear? What are the big sales throughout the year that I need to be aware of? Also, I second the Payless suggestion - I stopped by this weekend and got a couple pairs of black flats and comfy nude pumps for super cheap!
  2. People in law school with engineering backgrounds do great. Employers love engineers, probably because they know they can get through a hard program, they think logically, and are taught to solve problems. All those skills are super useful in law.
  3. Ok great thanks for that. No I haven't done anything wrong, or at least I don't think so! The Dean seems like he's the kind of guy who just wants to get to know the students so that makes sense.
  4. Has anyone out there gone to meet with Dean Holloway for anything? If so, what for? I've been summoned for a chat and I don't know what to expect. I'm sure it's nothing bad but the uncertainty is doing nothing good for my imagination. He seems like the kind of guy who genuinely likes chatting with students so maybe something along those lines?
  5. Hey guys, I'm sorry if this question has been repeated, but what are the best bang-for-your-buck study strategies for law school? What have you found to be the best use of your time when studying? I haven't started law school yet, but being that it's only a month away, I would love to get some advice on what I should be focusing on so that I can get the best return on investment. I would rather focus on the important stuff than keep busy with pages and pages of stuff I won't ever need, so what in your opinion has proved to be the most important thing to study to allow you to excel in your classes? Thanks <3
  6. Got the email this morning! 3.5 GPA, 163 LSAT, decent ECs & LORs. Accepting the offer, sorry U of A!!
  7. I posted the same question in the U of C section. This is not to compare the schools or list pros and cons. For those who have received offers from both schools, where will you be attending? I would love to hear from people on the wait list as well.
  8. This isn't to compare pros and cons of the two schools. For people who have received offers from both the U of A and the U of C, where do you plan to attend? I would also be interested to hear from people who are wait listed.
  9. I requested my transcripts from the U of A on Feb 1 and according to Bear Tracks, it's been "completed". However, I received an email a couple days ago saying that my application was incomplete because the U of C still hasn't received my transcripts yet. How long does it usually take for transcripts to get to the University if they are sent electronically? Or did something go wrong on my end?
  10. I've been in Edmonton for the past 4 years for my undergrad, and I've lived on/by Whyte the whole time. If you can snag a place to live close to campus that's ideal. It's always easier to get out of bed and go to class when you only have to walk 10 minutes to class. Where I'm at it's super close to the University, but also has everything else you could need (groceries, restaurants/bars, specialty shops, you name it) within a 10 block radius. I also work on Whyte, so it takes 6 minutes to walk to work. You get a bus pass with your tuition, so I just walk or take the bus everywhere.
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