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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. That is definitely a load off. In hindsight I suppose it was a pretty silly question.
  2. Hi all, I have firm accepted an offer of admission through OLSAS. However, since firm accepting, my circumstances have changed somewhat, and I received an offer of admission from a school in a different province that I would like to accept. How would I go about withdrawing my acceptance from the Ontario School? Can I do this through OLSAS, and are there any consequences for doing so? I realize that I should have only provisionally accepted, but at the time that school was my first choice. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. I think all that it means is that you won't be able to change you provisional acceptance to a firm acceptance after April first until it automatically changes for you in July
  4. Thank you! I did not, the 161 was from the December LSAT. I had indicted on OLSAS that I would be taking the Feb LSAT but ended up not writing it, though I'm not sure if that's relevant.
  5. Got the email today. 3.75 OLSAS CGPA, around 3.93 with drops LSAT 161, but also had a pretty solid addendum explaing a lower than expected LSAT score. I think index ~906
  6. Thanks for the advice guys, those are really good points. I think I will cancel the rewrite.
  7. Hi all, about 8 hours before the December LSAT I was struck by a drunk driver and received a pretty gnarly concussion and busted up my jaw. I wrote the LSAT the next day but I could barely focus on it, and felt pretty strongly that I bombed it. I registered for the February LSAT almost immediately. When the scores were released I was pleasantly surprised that I scored a 161. This put me on the bubble for many of the schools I applied to (CGPA 3.75). I had been practice testing consistently around 165-168, so I was thought I would write the Feb LSAT just to be on the safe side. However, a couple of weeks ago I got accepted into Queen's, which is one of my top choices. My question is, is there any point in me writing the February LSAT? My old man thinks I should since I've already paid for it and for "bragging rights" but I feel like if there is actually no tangible benefit I would rather not be bothered since it lines up with midterms and what not. The only potential upside I can see, assuming I score well, is potential scholarship money, but from what I understand most if not all scholarship money is awarded before February results are released, and I'm not even sure that I would score high enough to qualify anyways. Does anyone have any thoughts or see anything I'm missing? Thanks!
  8. Yes but they also require the transcript from the other post secondary institute when you apply to law. Just because it shows as TR on your UVic transcript doesn't mean that you should assume that they will drop or use those grades. You should have submitted unofficial transcripts from the other university when you applied to law, and they would use those grades to calculate GPA and drops as normal.
  9. Is anyone else still waiting for their offer to appear on OLSAS?
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